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My Trip to Ohio

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DD043 at the Garage, This wasn't our bus...


First Stop Akron;


My Caddillac for the Day


The only phantom I actually seen up there...More Low Floors than anything


Coach Shortage megabus style



A New Flyer CNG pulls in...I really like the sounds of these puppies real strong DD50!!


A Low Floor with a Side Wrap somewhat Spec'd out like PATs 55XXs


A Newer 35ft Low Floor


The Akron Metro Transit Center, This place is Beautiful also the stop for Greyhound too..


Brand New Hybrid #5011 This bus is so new it even still had the new bus smell on the outside body of it


A wrapped New Flyer D40LF


1806 Leaving...


Next and Last stop Cleveland, City was pretty bland but the Fleet was an Eyesore these buses look much better in Person and I was really impressed with The New Flyer Artics, There was also BRT Artics up there but there wasn't time to grab photos of those;


I really like this scheme


You'll find alot of these NABI 40LFWs up In Cleveland they're basically Pittsburgh's Gillig Low Floor (all that you'll see).




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Ohio by MegaBus? That must've been a LONG ride!


Although there are Greyhound trips that will get you from Port Authority to DENVER without a transfer.

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Good stuff, Jonesy! The Cleveland buses are all different from when I was last there in 1992. The Shaker Rapid (or whatever it's now called) is a good ride if you have more time next time. Thanks for posting these.

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