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Event For My Show: The Low-Vs And Westside Documentary Project 9/3/2011

Daniel The Cool

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OK Guys now that I have your attention, I'm going to be doing an event for my show and here's the good part about it. The event will be before, during and after the Low-Vs Event. So anyways I'm going to need alot of people help on this one. The project is me interviewing people/railfans/hanging out talking about traveling, how they feel about the Low-Vs, there favorite thing about NYC and other topics that you can think of. So This is not a railfanning trip. But anyways here's the info for the meeting spot for people who's going to help out


Meeting location: 72nd Street (1)(2)(3) Train Station Uptown Platform First car (Front End) At 11:30 AM (Depart at 11:45 AM). The interviewing will end at 6:30 PM for people who can't make it early or can't stay out late or for people who can come in between times. So If you guys can help that will be great.


Daniel Smith Traveling Show:cool:

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