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2011 MTABO Forum Award Nominations

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I'm surprised this thread hasn't been made yet, but anyway similar to the other thread in the subway forum. Let's have a little fun




  • You may nominate up to ONLY three members.
  • You MAY NOT nominate yourself.
  • No BS, or little flame wars just have fun
  • Remember this is for the (MTA) bus section




This is for this section ONLY, MTA Bus Operations & photos.


1. "Rookie of the Year" - Best Newcomer (joined Jan this year and 2011 to present).


2. "Employee of the Year" - Best TA Employee Poster (currently employed or retired TA Employees only).


3. "The informationist" Most Knowledgeable Poster.


4. "The most Recognized" Most Respected Poster.


5. "The Dreamer" - Best Fantasy Poster (fantasy bus maps, bus routes, etc).


6. "Admin of the Year" - Best Forum Staff (mod/admin only).


7. "Photographer of the year" - Best photography/videography (best photos and videos, MUST be in the Pictures & Videos section).


8. "The Busman" - Best Bus fanner (not necessary a pure buff, but who's out there often with pics, information, maps or suggestions, Always riding busses, etc).


9. "The True Buff" - Best Bus Buff.


10. "Poster of the Year" - Best Overall Poster (Best posts/ not # of posts).


11. "Foamer of the year" - Best foamer.


12. "The Starter" - Best thread starter.


Have fun. and remember only up to three nominees. :cool:

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1. qjtransitmaster


5. FamousNYLover


10. B35 via Church


qjstupidmaster registered in 2010....


1. "Rookie of the Year" -


2. "Employee of the Year" - KNIGHTRIDER3:16


3. "The informationist" East New York, Vintage Soul


4. "The most Recognized" KNIGNTRIDER3:16


5. "The Dreamer" -


6. "Admin of the Year" - East New York, Harry, Cait Sith


7. "Photographer of the year" - Vintage Soul, Cait Sith, ciboii22


8. "The Busman" - 4P3607


9. "The True Buff" - 4P3607


10. "Poster of the Year" - KNIGHTRIDER3:16


11. "Foamer of the year" - 4P3607...."OH MY GOD!!!! ITS 3607!!"


12. "The Starter" - East New York, Vintage Soul

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It's only october... but I'll play along, I guess....

(anything in red will be a comment)




1) havent realized any new members

2) KnightRider

3) ENY, Brooklyn Bus, VintageSoul

4) you'd think this would be one of the staff members ;)

5) Yuki (FamousNYLover)

6) Cait Sith, ENY

7) don't frequent that section enough to vote on someone

8) Yuki (FamousNYLover)

9) Yuki (FamousNYLover)

10) Via Garibaldi 8

11) QJtransitmaster

12) Via Garibaldi 8, ENY

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2)All of them I guess lol








6)all the mods mod the same to me...


7)I hardly go into the photography subforum, so no comment.


8)three posters that post a lot on the bus forum here on NYCTF (Hey you said three posters so.....)


9)via Garibaldi or whatever has handle is, I still lol from that time he posted he was gonna take the express bus to Yankee stadium.




11)I don't really believe in the whole "foamer" thing, so no comment.




I'm so hype to see QJT's master plan... I'm sure its gonna be the best thing since sliced bread! :cool:

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