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I have arrived

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I was born in Brooklyn a l-o-n-g time ago and grew up in Nassau County, attending the Levittown schools. After graduating college and unable to find a job in New York, I moved to Washington, DC for my 36 year federal career. I retired April 1, 2010 (not an April fool) and moved to New Rochelle Oct 20, 2011 to be closer to my family and dance the sultry, sensual Argentine tango. (Dancing Argentine Tango in New York is superior to Washington, DC.)


I remember all of the "original" bus companies on the island. I can't find the post but somebody asked what Mid-Island Transit buses became part of LI Bus. The given answer was N78, N79, N80 and N81. That's close. The N50 was left out. Yes, the N50 but the OLD N50. It followed the N80 and made a right turn on Wantagh Avenue. It made a right turn on Hempstead Turnpike and went crosstown, making a left on Newbrige or Bellmore Roads. (I'm going to search the internet for the bus schedule because I once found it.)


The question was about buses and the given answer was routes. To answer the posted question of Mid-Island buses, fishbowls 641-652 with 650-652 as suburbans. They had two TDH4506s (550-551) and a bunch of TDM "half buses" 301-325. I mean the "half bus" was half the size of a TDH4506 with only a front door.


The owner of Mid-Island also owned Crestwood Bus Service which provided school bus service to some of the Levittown schools. It was common for a Mid-Island bus to handle school bus duties.


I'm very nostalgic, especially since I moved away for many years. I love driving down Wantagh Avenue and say "Cherrywood Shopping Center is still there," "the bowling alley is still there" etc. I will post a Jerusalem Avenue bus trivia question after I get back from the gym.



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