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  1. Metro North New Haven Line (I didn't check the other lines) is running what looks like a Saturday schedule with extra AM trains. The LIRR is running a regular schedule. Does the MTA expect more Long Islanders to go to work than passengers who live in Westchester County?
  2. Everything is explained here: http://web.mta.info/mta/news/books/pdf/180423_1000_Transit.pdf
  3. The latest M4 schedule is September 2017. However, the map section was updated to show the M4 comes down Fifth and turns left on 32nd. The Q32 is rerouted as well but the map with the latest schedule hasn't been updated.
  4. Last Saturday, I tried to buy with my debit card a senior 10 trip to New Rochelle at Grand Central. I entered my ZIP code but the transaction failed. I repeated with the same result. I gave up and decided to buy it at New Rochelle where I've never had a problem. I checked my bank balance the next day using internet banking and found that $52.50 was deducted from my available balance. Wait a minute!! I was charged for a ticket I wasn't given. The $52.50 wasn't deducted from the ledger balance for several days. The charge was in limbo. I can't file a reimbursement claim until the charge actually shows up. I pieced everything together after talking to my bank. The ticket agent is supposed to ask "Debit or Credit?" If debit, the security check is "Enter your PIN." If credit, the security check is "Enter your ZIP code." The agent assumed I was using a credit card and didn't ask the question. ZIP code ISN'T the correct security check for a debit card so the transaction failed. (I don't know if it would have succeeded if I entered my PIN.) The $52.50 wasn't sent to Metro North but placed in a pending folder waiting for Metro North to claim it. But Metro North has the wrong security code so they can't claim it OR the railroad didn't even try. (Probably the second situation.) The railroad has 5 business days to claim the $52.50. After 5 days, the authorization to take the money expires and the $52.50 will come out of the pending file and put back into my available balance. Just a note of caution.
  5. Block operators are subject to Rule G and hours of service limitations just like train and engine crews and train dispatchers.
  6. PSCC is like NYCT and Metro North RCC. PSCC controls the railroad between A Interlocking on the west side of the station all the way east to Harold.
  7. Could it be they are taught more than S&D? Engineers have to learn cab signals. I don't know why block operators would have to know anything about cab signals.
  8. You have to know all signals and definitions like Engineers and Conductors. They have BO's in Jay , Valley ,Penn (PSCC),Atlantic Terminal, I think Harold also and probably a few others if I'm missing some. There use to be more towers all over the RR at one time.It can be stressful , from what I've been told by a few BO's I know. But some people live for that stuff and also some people like to work in a office type setting staring computers. Depends on you , but it's a good job and also a great way to have your foot in the door. Like I said before , this craft usually leads to higher crafts in the Transportation dept. There are also towers at Divide (DV) at Hicksville, Nassau at Mineola, Queens, Babylon, and Lead at Long Beach. Harold is controlled by PSCC.
  9. It looks like Floral Park is part of a loop. The rollsign has a destination "Merrick Loop" which is on the map. I never knew there was a Merrick Loop.
  10. Yes, but Elmont isn't on the roll sign so a different destination is the other end of the Floral Park Route. Remember, the roll sign is from 1974.
  11. I don't know when Mitchell Field opened. The bottom of the sign reads "MSBA Side Sign 1974 Uniondale." I don't know if Uniondale means the old Hempstead Bus Depot or Mitchell Field. Floral Park is a destination but not Green Acres and Valley Stream. This suggests there was a different opposite end for Floral Park in 1974.
  12. I found this 1974 LIB roll sign on Ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-1974-New-York-Nassau-County-Bus-Side-Destination-Roll-Sign-Subway/282779923720?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649 I wrote down all the readings and I noticed missing destinations: Elmont, Green Acres, Long Beach, Far Rockaway, and Lynbrook . Is it possible this roll sign is from Mitchell Depot and the others are serviced by RVC Depot?
  13. I should have mentioned I found the photo on Flickr and the photographer is The LIRR Today.
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