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  1. Autumn Express

    Train left Penn at 8:00 and I took a picture of the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge at 12:30. Photos at http://www.nyrre.org/Gallery/index.php/Member-s-Gallery/Amtrak/Autumn-Express?page=1 I haven't put the captions in yet.
  2. Autumn Express

    I rode the express on Sunday. The car host said Saturday's train was sold out with 600 passengers and there were 500 on Sunday's train. The trip was definitely rare mileage, going through Oak Island and Croxton yards and passing under the Amtrak main line at the North River portals. The ride up the Hudson was nice. Managed to get some Amtrak and MN shots on the other side. Photo opportunity (NOT to be confused with photo runby) at Rhinecliff. I was surprised there is catenary on the Empire Division in the tunnel. Only diesels operate between NYP and ALB so I don't understand the need for catenary. BUT it was needed because neither diesel (one on each end because of change of directions) was a dual mode.
  3. There seemed to be less traffic with the booths. All the cash cars went to the right and the EZ Pass vehicles went to the left.
  4. The wrote that some of the booths were closed for demolition and fewer booths were available for passage. Today, I rode the BxM8 from into the city and traffic was jammed waiting to cross the Triboro. All the booths were demolished.
  5. Adirondack

    Going to ride the dome next Monday and Tuesday between ALB and PLB. (I get on at Penn.) Looks like the train is sold out NYP-ALB.
  6. It's not working on the Whitestone. Before cashless tolling, I zipped through the booth with EZ Pass. Tonight, there was a backup from the gas station to the bridge. I aborted my trip the traffic was so bad.
  7. What about Amtrak trains? I don't hear announcements to "close the doors on track 8" for Amtrak.
  8. How does the station master give the gate to the crew? I don't see starting lights similar to those used in Union Station, Washington. But I heard the conductor talk to an eastbound LIRR train. The train can't pull beyond the platform. For westbound moves, do you mean a train is hanging off the east end of the platform?
  9. Mess on the Broadway line Aug 23 AM

    The article stated the train was impacted at Canal AND DeKalb. How could ONE can impact the train twice, unless it was dragged over the bridge. There has to be missing information.
  10. Mess on the Broadway line Aug 23 AM

    When I got home, I checked the internet and found the reason was TRASH!! Trash fell off refuse train at 14th street, ensnarling a train at Canal and later at DeKalb. There's always been trash on the track so I don't know what was so special about this trash. I'm unable to post a URL but you can find out by using Google.
  11. I went from Grand Central to 14th Street on the and then hopped a to Brighton Beach. I knew something was wrong when the came in on the local track. The conductor made an announcement "that due to an incident all and trains were running local thought the Montague tube." According to trip advisor, the trip should take about 40 minutes. The trip took an extra 30 minutes. According to the MTA app, a train was disabled at DeKalb because of mechanical problems. Since the bypasses DeKalb during the day, I don't understand why it had to run local. I'll accept there was a good reason to run the on the . I don't understand why the had to run local on the . Nobody on the was expecting to get off at local stops. By making local stops, this created a big gap in service in Brooklyn and must have messed up crews at Coney Island waiting for their train. Why couldn't the run express on the local track and make up some of the lost time?
  12. I've heard those words on the radio at Penn Station. I understand the "hanger" part. There's no signal at the end of both ends of the platform even though there's a switch. The signal is in the middle of the platform which the conductor can see. When the hanger is restricted (the other signal is stop), the conductor knows the switch is correctly aligned for the train and has permission to give the highball on the advertised. I'm not sure about "we've got the gate." At Union Station, starting lights used to hang from the train shed. When both lights were lit, the conductor could give the highball. At Union Station, the usher pushed a button for one light to illuminate. I don't see similar starting lights at Penn so I don't know when the conductor knows that all passengers have come down the escalator.
  13. Sick Passenger

    Maybe they are going to the doctor or pharmacy.
  14. Sick Passenger

    What is EDP?


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