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Busiest bus line in the outer boroughs


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From what I've seen, the Bx12 is pretty busy. It runs on a 5-minute headway (or even better service during rush hours) and has articulated buses. I've used it from 207th St on the (1) to Fordham Rd on the (4) and my bus and all the buses I've seen in the opposite direction were full.


It was a pretty interesting ride, next time I'm there I wanna ride the full line.

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Count the runs. In the Bronx the Bx1/2 (which isn't even 24hrs), has 76 runs with artics. I know the Bx12 has no where near that many. I do believe the Bx1/2 is the busiest, but could be wrong. The Bx19 and Bx41 has a 5 minute headway during the rush, the Bx5 4 minutes, and I hear the Bx9 has a 3 minute. There are alot of schools along these lines.......


I hear the Bx1/2 is the heaviest ridership line overall, but the Bx12 is shorter, so it could be the heaviest with less runs. The Bx12 has 1-4 minute headways on trips also. But just like the Concourse those headways are with combined Local/Limited trips.

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