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New Avatars added 08-07-07


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Ten (10) new avatars were added thanks to TransitGuy (Charlie) & Pipe41.


Subway & Rail logo avatars

  • Vintage Gold New York City Transit logo

NYCT & MTA Bus Depot avatars

  • Hudson Pier Depot logo (in white)
  • Edgewater Depot logo
  • Westside Depot logo
  • Walnut Depot logo
  • LaGuardia Depot logo
  • 5th Avenue Depot logo (now Jackie Gleason)
  • Flushing Depot logo

Agency & Shop avatars

  • Queens Surface Transit logo
  • Surface Transit Plant & Equipment logo

Any corrections to the above information should be posted here.

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There's now two Hudson Pier Depot avatars. The two samples I received had different color textures to them.


Which color is the correct color? I would guess the gold/yellow color is.


Well the white one is much cleaner and might be the original. The goldish one might have been like that because of the photo I took.

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