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NJ Transit Parts locomotives Missing from Bay Head Yard

Eric Kreszl

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Hello Everyone,


I was in Bay Head briefly today and I noticed that the 7 locomotives they were storing for parts there are GONE!


The Parts locomotives stored there were


GP40FH-2 #4135, 4137, 4140, 4143, 4144


F40PH-2CAT #4117, 4118.


Here is a photo of all 7 locomotives that I took back in March.




I do not know why they are not there now.



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The locomotives stored at Bay Head disappeared around July 13-14. Quite possibly they were moved to the MMC for parts (or to be "kitbashed" together in order to get a couple more locomotives on line for what has turned out to be a busy summer season.)


GP40FH-2 "Pigs" #4136, #4138 and #4142 are still running on the NJCL....even on weekend trains (years ago, unofficial NJT philosophy was to keep the old EMD GP-7's and E8's in the yard whenever possible in off-peak hours and on weekends order not to unnecessarily exacerbate their old-age ailments.)


The GP40PH/GP40FH units are now all at (or very near) the 40-year age mark, a front-line service life greatly exceeding that of the GP7's and RS3's they replaced and even the venerable Camelbacks and K4s locomotives that came before them.


Fuel efficiency is the big watchword today (along with "diesel-overhead wire-third rail" capability. The days of the "Geeps" and their 2-cycle EMD 645 prime movers are undoubtedly numbered, but very few locomotive platforms ever showed such dependability, versatility and longevity.

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