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2 Officers shot at Fort Hamilton (N) Station


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Found out about this around 10 pm from a bouncer I know at an Asian karaoke bar not too far away. At first they told me one cop is dead and the victim is dead but according to the article both cops are fine and the victim is dead.


Pretty crazy, I frequent there a lot and the closest thing to big violence there are 30 vs 30 drunken fights at night.


Glad to know the cops are okay but damn over a violation of crossing between train cars?

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Perhaps the Prep had other warrants out for him still he just didn't care, just went up blasting people like that are dangerous and yep they ride the trains!


Its nuts out there, the C/Rs cab door had a bullet lodged in it thank goodness the CR wasnt struck by a stray bullet.


The Crew was kept on scene till about 0200 hrs thats a Long time!

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