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I came up with a good idea for a book: a girl named Tru Summer is a transit cop and a subway buff in Atlanta's MARTA when she's reassigned to the New York City Subway which is major change from her hometown's system. Her first assignment is to stop a band of drug smuggling terrorists who plan to bomb all 468 stations in New York if the N.Y.P.D. doesn't give them $200 Million and diplomatic immunity. It in Tru's hands to save New York's subway and there passengers.


It's set in 2013.


Well, what do think? Idea's please? I'd love to add and throw ideas around.


All more about Tru Summer, she's 28-years-old, single, 5 foot 5 with curly brown hair and green eyes. She lost her mother to a robbery when she was just a peewee. Her only weakness, is her nephew who she looks after. (A note to Brighton Zach, no her name doesn't reflect yours. But it's kinda funny.) Also she doesn't want to be cop anymore, she want to be a T/O.

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It's really interesting topic, but I do have some worries about the discussion of terrorism and crime. It will raise some controversy since it includes bombings. Are you sure you want to continue with the book? :confused: What about a book with some person going everywhere in the subway system. I think everyone would like that better. That's just my opinion. A transit officer's adventure is a good thing and makes it interesting, but dealing with bombers, I think people don't want to be reminded of the London tube bombings and the Madrid attacks.

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What about a book with some person going everywhere in the subway system. I think everyone would like that better.


That would probably be a movie plot, documentary or fictional romance type. The terrorism thing is good for a book IMO, but blowing up all the stations? Nah. Just keep it to high-profile ones like Times Square or something.

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