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Moar New London but later in the Day

Fred G

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I was having way too much fun to leave New London yesterday. For a side trip that was only meant to pick up a soda and slice o' pizza it sure turned into a wonderful evening. I even forgot all about the pizza lol.



Fellini shot



The sweet light on HHP-8 657 at Shaws Cove



AEM7 928 showing a dispute at the Font Dept.



Last pic of the day of the only ShoreLine East train to New London. He's leaving to go back to New Haven.

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Most excellent shots there;)


Thanks! :(


I saw 928 later in the day!


Nice photos as always! :D


- Andy


Thanks, Andy!


Great shots, I really like the one of 928.


Thanks, nycbusfan!


Sweet awesomeness!


Thank you very much!

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