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NJ Transit Equipment Move Surprise

Eric Kreszl

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Great pictures. What happened to that 44?


I was waiting on a diesel to go through Matawan today but it never happened.


Surprisingly about 15 to 20 minutes later not only did 4417 come back it had 4212 behind him and a comet III Coach behind him. By the way 4417 was pulling the train. I did not get photos of it though unfortuniately.




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That's exactly what I was waiting for that one rare occasion when it did.


The ONLY NJCL diesel trains are the X Trains X232 and X233. Here are the times for the train.


X233 After 2:30 PM at Matawan.


X232 Before 11:00 AM at Matawan.


Some notices about these trains


1. X Trains are schedueled trains that DO NOT CARRY PASSENGERS! When they come they fly through so be ready to get a grab shot if you want a photo of the train.


2. I have seen from personal experience that Train X233 has come EARLIER THAN NORMAL DEPENDING ON HOW BUSY THE MMC IS WITH FUELING THE TRAINS.



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