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Want some tomatoes?

Fred G

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LOL, I'm clobbered. I wish I was closer to you guys so I could give you some of these. There's usually a week where everyone is happy to take tomatoes off your hands and then it's over; all you hear now is "no thanks" or "sorry, no". Anyway this is from yesterday and today and I'll probably have one more like half of this and that'll be it. Those are green poblano and serrano chiles in the pic and I'll be roasting them poblanos probably tomorrow. B)

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That reminds me to go to the yard and check my uncle's garden, water it too. Lucky guy get to be in Puerto Rico....


I envy the guy :)


Those chiles look great. :cool:


Yes they do B). I'll be roasting them over wood fire on Friday evening; gonna make my neighborhood smell like New Mex B)

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