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Sighting of a Vanhool double-decker bus


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At around 9:30am, I was relaxing and looking for buses with certain distinctions when I had a glance of a blue bus on Madison Ave. between 26 & 27 Sts. with the "(MTA) Bus" sign on the back. As soon as I saw it, I quickly got up from the bench and ran towards it to get a closer look.


The bus that I saw is called a Vanhool TD925 and its bus number is 0053. As I said before, it has a completely blue exterior with (MTA) Bus and the bus number plastered all over it. I had a few peeks inside the bus and saw a farebox installed alongside the driver's seat. There's also a set of stairs right next to the front door if anyone wanted to go to the upper deck. I'm assuming that it'll be along Yonkers depot routes since the destination signs had BxM3 going to 261 St. I asked a couple of questions to someone (an MTA staff?) standing next to the bus about what Vanhool model it is (since I didn't know what it was) and how long it was being demoed. He didn't know what model it is (and later had to look it up on the 'net) and guessed that it'll be demoing on the streets for 30 days.


Unfortunately, I don't own a camera or a camera phone, but I know that there were 2 photographers hanging around and a passerby taking pictures of the bus, one of them even took shots inside of it. If you're one of the photographers that took pictures of it, don't hesitate to share it with us! For the rest of you, keep a lookout for this bus.

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