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When something can't get in from one side...


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You have to do things from the other side. (Jamaica Yard style)




 I don't know how often this occurs, but this looked uncommon to me.

 Would've gotten a better pic if I could've but this is all I got.

 They ran the 8 car single track shuttle between Bedford Nostrand and Hoyt Schermerhorn, it was so slow! (don't know exactly how reverse-tracking works)

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don't know exactly how reverse-tracking works...


...It is similar to the Times Square/Grand Central Shuttle. Leaving Grand Central, the T/O is in the front with the Conductor in the last car. When leaving Times Square, going the other way, the T/O is in the front and the Conductor is in the last car, which was originally the first car.


Allow me to give you a visual:


(Towards Fulton Street) (T/O) (Car #1) (Car #2) (Car #3) (Car #4) (C/R) (Car #5) (Car #6) (Car #7) (Car #8) (T/O) (Towards Bedford)


So in reverse tracking, the cars stay in the same order and the C/R stays in the same spot (pretty much). If there are two Train Operators, one would take one end (towards Fulton) and the other would take the other end (towards Bedford). If there was one Train Operator, then he or she would have to walk from one end of the train to the other at Fulton Street and Bedford, respectfully.

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