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  1. The getting r42 and r46 The getting r68/a idk about r46 The / getting r46 The can't get r32 due to Bedford park blvd and 145 st rollsign is not near each other, its in alphabetical order But the will get some r32 and r160 The will get 100% r160a/b
  2. I heard that in January 6, 2019 GA, FP, and JG are swapping bus routes: B13, B38, B43, B48, B57, B60 and Q58
  3. The other 4-cars set r179 is at CI Yard
  4. If Lexington Av Line shutdown between 149 st to Nevins st are their gonna be a lot of Shuttle buses
  5. 3102-5 testing at the Rockaway today
  6. Catherine Cowderdy's and "the next stop is, and The Next and Last Stop is " is my favorite.
  7. 7676 and 7664 both died, so 3 more of Orion Vii CNG to go
  8. R160 H to Jamaica 179th st H Fulton St /8 Av Express H Queens Blvd Local ----------------------------------- H to Rockaway Park H 8 Av Express H Fulton St Express

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