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  1. What are the fastest NYC subway train? I think the R160s are the fastest they can haul through the 60 st tube.
  2. Ummm. ... no If I was at Jamaica Queens and if I wanted to get to Broadway Junction fast I would definitely take the over the Q56 I can give you a million other examples but I'm currently to busy to.
  3. Subway vs a slow ass local bus Subway: 1 Local Bus: 0 The pwns the Q56 on Jamaica Ave and the Q56 is one of my favorite buses.
  4. Had a weird commute this morning okay so I'm on the 7:21 R42 getting ready to be at the RFW and this woman (not sure if she was TA) was holding up a sign saying 0721 and they were both laughing and one guy to a picture of it she said she wanted to let him no that he was an 7:21 . The horrible thing is I didn't get to look out the RFW because the T/O I had was a training T/O so he had another T/O examine how he operated the train. Edit: It was at Jamaica Center by the way
  5. Here are some photos I've taken throughout the week Q44 SBS at 160 St and Archer ave Another pic I tried to take can't remember the bus # Orion VII NG on the B54 I took this while on the steps of the myrtle ave broadway station to get a perfect pic. It's actually pretty rare for me to catch an RTS ON the Q6 the funny thing is I don't live to far from it Baisley park depot at night #9348 on the Q6 I don't know why it came out like this it's an Orion VII Hybrid on the Q113 Cambria Hieghts bound Nova LFS on the Q4 And a video I took at myrtle ave broadway sorry the video has no sound forgot to take my headphones out I won't make that mistake again Hope you really enjoyed my because my camera has been really buggin out lately.
  6. Thanks guys and yeah I use photobucket to post my photos.
  7. Thanks for clearing that up from what I read I was mistaken that C cars leave their 6 car sets and that they would be inserted with another pair.
  8. They are thinking about extending the B82 SBS to gatewaymall? That's a good Idea now I have an easier way to get to Flatlands ave/Flatbush ave when I'm at gateway.
  9. How long has 7883 been inserted with 7882-7887? I always get my C cars mixed with other factory sets.
  10. Took this on a rainy day Took this today sorry damn sun was in my eye the whole time R160 A pic of ENY depot at the RFW A pic I took of ENY yard at the RFW Thanks R42 #4830 for the ride R160 photo I took on an R32 Another R160 Coming into 111 st Another R160 at 121 st Last pic before going into the tunnel And an a bonus I took on the R42 coming into Broadway junction Thanks R32 #3939 for the good ride home Hope you enjoyed the pics
  11. I don't think that's really news a couple of trains always terminate at 57 st/7 ave during AM Rush and PM rush.
  12. I don't know if it would confuse people it would confuse tourists maybe but not New Yorkers lots of people in this city use abbreviations I don't think it's all that bad.
  13. That's great news the B15 needs them but I wish Flatbush was getting for the B46 that's my bus.
  14. Which depot are the Artics supposed to go to? My money is on East new york since they are making that depot Artic ready
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