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July 28th 2008 Trip via LI and CT


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I took ride on Suffolk County Transit, Port Jefferson-Bridgeport Ferry, Greater Bridgeport Transit's Coastal Link, CT Transit #41 and I-Bus.

Please enjoy the report and photo.


There will be no times.

I got on front car of R62A Bombadier #1716 as Times Sq (7) departed Junction Blvd @ 4:54, arrive 74th St @4:57.


Next, I got on front car of St. Louis R44 #5966 as Jamaica (F) departed 5:11, arrive 169th St @ 5:28.


I got $1 water from store on south end exit st (168th St exit I think).


Next from Jamaica Bus Terminal, I got on 5:45 Orion 05.501 CNG #383 as N6 departed 5:46, arrive HTC @ 6:29.


Next, think I don't want to miss the ferry at Pt. Jefferson, so I bought Egg/Cheese with Beef Sausage across from N72 layover at Village Deli.


I got on Orion #05.501 CNG #369 as N72 which was 6:50 departed 3 minutes late at 6:53 and he give me paper transfer for SCT.


In somewhere bet. Nassau-Suffolk County Transit, this was my first time I seen wheelchair boarding N72.

Soon as N72 open door at last stop, Babylon RR Station @ 8:02, regular passenger and I made ran for 8:00 S40 bus, it was Suffolk County's #9951 departed four minute late at 8:04, arrive Patchogue RR station @ 8:55.


Next, Gillig Phantom 35TB102 #5011 as S61 departed late at 9:02, but arrive last stop, ferry terminal at 9:46. During the ride, passenger named Gregory, one of good guys holding cutest kitten named Mew-meli, so I took picture of Digital and dispersal camera.


Next, I got on P.T. Barum on Port Jefferson-Bridgeport Ferry and nice friendly dog in front of me keep jumping and licking me, even on steps.

10:00am ferry departed late at 10:06, arrive Bridgeport late at 11:34. (Cars were off at :30.) because cars on left side were blocking the walkway bridge), then after left car moved, we exit.


Thanks to perfect score of LIB and SCT, I had relaxing lunch at Quiznos, I had Traditional sandwich.


After I used restroom (men's room was out of order.)

I went back to Bridgeport Bus Station and just in time to miss the 12:50 Coastal Link to Norwalk!!

Since next bus was 13:50, so I went to library, but not enough time to use computer, so I gave up and ran back to bus station.


I got on #9838 as Coastal Link to Norwalk, purchase $3 ZipTrip 1-Day Pass (reason I wanted to try #41A bus to Stamford), then driver switch place, and departed 13:50 ontime, then arrive Norwalk Wheels Hub @ 15:45.

I went to have quick sweet iced tea and small fries from "M", then nice security guard open the restroom, then rush back to stop.


CT Transit #41A via Norwalk Community College was supposed to be there by 15:14, but show up at 15:25 and departed.

When I got off Atlantic Sq at 16:07, I miss the I-Bus.


Right now, I'm at Fenguson Library and waiting for 17:35 bus because I don't like to use bus goes thru Greenwich.



It was New Flyer Suburn #132 as 17:35 I-bus departed Atlantic Sq one minute lat at 17:36, arrive White Plains TransCenter @ 18:20.

Reason: Since I knew I-bus thru Greenwich will not going to make to #63 or #43 from #40 bus. Since #3 bus takes while, I felt like to take MNRR.

I got on 18:34pm express making local stop to Scarsdale and it was M7 #4062 as M7 departed one minute late at 18:35, arrive Harlem-125th St early at 19:01, 15 minutes early.


Next, I got on Manhattanville's Orion 07.501 Hybrid #6411 departed @ 19:14, training service dog with lady boarded at 2nd Av, and she got off 94th St/23rd Av this time and I got off CTB @ 19:47.


Next, after next M60, Q48, Q33, Q72 with broken destination, Orion 07.501 #3637 came and departed 20:07, arrive Junction Blvd/37th Av @ 20:19.



Here is photos I took.


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the bus on the S40 couldn't have been 9951 because SCT doen't have a bus in that number. it was prob 9931. and the S61 wasn't late it leaves south st and west ave (6th district court) at 9:02.

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