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On which lines should the R42s run before retirement?

MTR Admiralty

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Forget the R42s, we should be focusing on R32 (1/2) R38 and R40S, there are still loads of them, and hey you never know, they may just be here through the R179s depending on how fast the T/A goes, similar to how the R26-36 went which they were suppose to be retired from around '96 to 2002..


Also the R42s are going on the Jamcia line I belivie all of em, seeing that the (E) got 32s nd the (R) go like 2 sets of em and the (F) too, o lets not forget the (C) cuz they have 32/28 coupled and 38 only, so they will be getting it too... so most likley all the r42 will stay for a few more years lol


what the T/A should do his hold the idea of getting an R188 and keep it for IND/BMT, becuz its weird that they gonna get rid of the R62s and the R46s will stay o_0

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