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Los Angeles Red Line (video)


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Nice video! You probably rode the NYC subway before, how would you compare it with the LA metro subway?

I'll just give an answer to that. LA Metro Red Line pwns the NYC Subway, period. Its way better, faster, cleaner. One thing on my list to check out in LA.

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Los Angeles Metro may be cleaner, faster, and fun to ride, but there just isn't enough of it. The Red Line goes from the San Fernando Valley (North Hollywood) to Union Station (downtown). There's an overlap called The Purple line that has a few more stops along Wilshire.


So, on my commute between the San Fernando Valley and Redondo Beach (once a week), I have to take a bus. And, as you know, busses share the streets with cars and the traffic is murder...well, no one gets killed, but it is gruesome in the amount of time it takes to cover a relatively short distance.


We also have The Blue Line, The Green Line and The Gold Line..I'll save that for another sunny California day.


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