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Stacy's Yearbook, Cookies, and Young Love


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This is Stacy McDowell (Character in my book) and this is her photo album. All her friends are in it. The blonde is Lisa and the Short Brown Haired one is Lady.

Stacy's Yearbook



Well all love it when our girlfriends baby us. Ely loves it the most when his girlfriend Stacy baby's him like he's 5 by packing him lunch, Dr. Pepper and of course cookies! This picture's setting is a Chicago "L" station.

Stacy's Little Ely



This last one is very special to me. My girlfriend and I are at 1 1/2 month together. Christine is my weirdo, she wear different color shoes, she jumps up and down with a Fall Out Boy calender, and her hair is mess but I STILL LOVE HER!

Christine Zatonski


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Christine is my new style goddess...=D


Very adorable, one day, I think I'll look into doing some fanart of your characters.


Yeah Christine is a bit of a weirdo but that's why I like her.


Go ahead with the fanart. If you want to see the whole line-up go to http://www.trizzthadistantedboy.deviantart.com When you browse through you'll see the line up.

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