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  1. I'm on ur profile

    stalkin ur internetz

  2. :D Every now and then I get nostalgic.
  3. Your profile looks like a damn aquarium.



  4. I'm doing okay, you?

  5. Ale-ale-jandro! Actually no, for once in my life I'm not listening to Lady Gaga. I've been listening to the Dance/Electronica channel nonstop. My current song of love is "I Believe in You" by someone named Hannah.
  6. So far so good, two A's and two B's... waiting on one more class to balance the equation!

  7. I haven't gone out for my birthday yet because of finals just ending (UGH!) but I will, soon. I'm twenty now. How about you?

  8. I'm okay, nothing special is going on so I'm a little disappointed. Yourself?



    Happy belated birthday!

  10. lol thanks! I hope your mom has a happy birthday too!

  11. Nothing new. I still post here intermittently, not regularly, though.

  12. I absolutely love your signature.

  13. I did not post a gratuitous happy birthday message.


  14. In my opinion, this is the best transit shot I've ever taken. It's from back in September.
  15. Well thank you for the compliment! We're still rare here, though. My pictures are okay, but I think I've still got a lot to learn.

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