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Railfanning 12/23 With N-Trizzy

Sea Beach

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I went Railfanning with N-Trizzy today. I covered 4th Ave/Montague and finished at Court St and he continued to Manhattan. Heres my pics and vids.


@N-Trizzy-If you want you can put your pics/vids here to.



160 (M) @ Pacific/Atlantic





160 (M) @ Pacific/Atlantic




160 (N) @ 36 St




46 (R) @ 36 St




32 (R) @ 36th




160 LCD (N) Sign




160 (M) FIND




160 LCD (M) Sign




160 (M) FIND




Looks like Pigeons and Pigs were on this 160 and Poopenized it! :P




Dirty Wall @ Court St




160 (M) Entering Court




Enjoy B)


and dont forget to check out my Mysterious 160 (C) and other 12/21 RF pics here: http://www.nyctransitforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=6959

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Nice pics!


Thanks B)


you need a better camera


you need to keep rude thoughts/comments to yourself


Great pics!

I saw NTrizzy at WTC around 5:30. He was taking pics of Mods on the C. So we got pics of several SMEEs and then we found the R160 E, we took it to Lex Ave. We saw FamousNYLover at 50th Street.


Thank You! :D


Yes,he told me. Cant wait to c yours and his pics. we should all go railfanning one day.


Great photographs, well the R160A's make up 100% of the (M)'s fleet now. Most of the (N)'s fleet are R160A/B cars, and at least half of the (Q)'s fleet also.


Thank You! :)


(N) Fleet is 90% 160 & 10% 68 and the (Q) is half & half 160,68.

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