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Fan Trips? How?


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If you speak of rail events, the Transit Museum organizes those, usualy announcing the date & time well before the event. Unless it is required to pay, you just go and see for yourself...


Yes backline but u can just say the Transit Museum does this, they need permission from the T/A to use the tunnels for transit rf seein that it can lead to General Orders[G.Os](Detours)


And remember we are talking about the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, not any other T/A in the US and world


if you are talking about regular RF, well u can RF when ever you want, just be careful cuz some stupid T/A worker[Not the ones here and others] can considered it illegal to take shots. Its True if u use tripods or flash, but other then that they will think still. Best thing is to carry the (MTA) Conduct off the web :) like me :)


I got stopped once at 207 on the (A) and i showed that worker!Since he said its illegal and it wasnt, he just shut up!!!

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I've always wondered: How exactly are fan trips organized? Are they announced? Finally, How do I get into a fan trip?


Pick up calendars from the New York Transit Museum every few months...typically most "fan trips" run during the summer and are run through the TM...some are MTA specials (the holiday runs, or the runs you heard about when Yankee Stadium/Shea were closing), but for the most part its through the TM. Call the # on the TM site and book your spot on the nostalgia train, if your a museum member you can get a discount on your tickets.

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