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Resize Your Image automatically in Photobucket and ImageShack

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To the Friends of Mark1447!;)


Heres a Small Guide to Auto Resize your Images of photobucket/ImageShack.us




-People with Slow Internet Connection [56k Dial Up/High Speed Dial Up*, ISDN, or Slow broadband] may experience delays on load up of certain images.. Including users with older PCs with low resource[ Low RAM, CPU, etc]


The Higher the resolution [Or Megapixel], the bigger the image and its size, the smaller the image and its type [such as JPEG/GIF], the faster the load of the image and smaller the image and it size.


Photobucket/ImageShack Includes a feature that automatically resize your images. [Note if your image is small, don't intend to try this as your image will be shown blurred or incorrect]




(1) Login to Photobucket http://www.photobucket.com


(2) Before uploading your image, select the size you wish to reduce your image to. Select "Reduce to" drop down box [800x600 is better]




(3) after an UPLOAD of your image, it will be reduced, heres a sample of mine:




And there you go =D







Just select that "Check Box" :"Resize Image?" and select the size! Then Upload !~~


Note to others: Please rely on your local image uploader providers Help area for similar information!


*High Speed Dial up - refer to as, a software accelerator[Giving from Your ISP~ Such as NetZero/Juno/AOL/MSN or software] for Standard(V.90)/(v.92) 56K Modem, which compress certain packets to/from your computer for a broadband-like connection with limitation

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