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Well...of course you had the 32,38,40,40M,42 introduced in the 60's so they had to be up and going strong in the 70's...I guess the 44,46 would be not as used becuse of the truck problem...and the IRT still had the to-be-made-into redbirds...yeah thats all i can come up with.

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In the 1970's we had everything and you could ride it all. R12s through R36 WFs on the I.R.T. and R1-R9s through R46s.


The only subway cars that retired were the R1-R9s in early 1977 and the R11/R34s that same year. The R16s had a brief retirement when the R46s arrived but when the Rockwell trucks began cracking they made a comeback. The new subway cars were the R40 (Slant and Modified), R42, R44 and R46.


I.R.T.: R12, R14, R15 (Owl eye RFW; Porthole door windows), R17 (Owl eye RFW), R21, R26, R28, R29, R33 ML and R33 and R36 WF.


B.M.T./IND. R1-R9, R10, R11/R34 (Only 10 cars built), R16 (Owl eye RFW), R27/R30, R32 Brightliner, R38, R40 (Slant and Modified), R42, R44, R46.

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