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Amtrak stimulus funding approved, increased.

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They seriously need that money to build constant tension catenary especially in NJ where the tracks are cleared for 175 mph.


I agree with you on this, the Cat needs to be redone at least get the Acela doing 150 between New Brunswick and Trenton. If there are funds available and they can use some eminent domain I would love for them to straighten out the Elizabeth S-Curve.

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Before catenary expansion is considered, we must stem the diner problem!


I suggest Amtrak order 10 single-level dining cars. I hope to see catenary upgrading in progress on ALL of the Amtrak-owned NEC by 2018.


Which places other than the MNR section don't have constant-tension catenary?

Keep in mind that the bill says that no more than 60% can be for the NEC.


Does Amtrak have to repay the money in the future?

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No, it's a one time yeehaw dealio. I wish they got this 4x a year!


As far as catenary replacement, i agree this should be a huge top high priority, along with replacing all damaged & wooden ties with new concrete ties. There is a few biln for high speed rail, don't you think this could be used in part to rebuild catenary between phl and nyp? I'm sure (NJT) and :septa: could use some new stuff vs 100 years old wires that sway in the wind and bounce around when a train goes by.


As far as dining cars, we need more riders first. All most all amtk pax has at least a snack/lounge or snack/biz car or meal service.


How about using non-NEC funds to re-open the sunset limited route that has been out of service since 2007?


How about new railcars? How about new stuff to replace the aem-7? How about replacing/repairing rail bridges? How about a small bonus to all pax workers (train & station crew). How about removing those remaining grade crossings that have killed a few people and continue to hinder proper high speed operation? How about putting vertical lift bridges in place of older hinged lift bridges?


- A

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The Horizon fleet cars while crappy, are spring chickens compared to the Amfleet I's they need to replace them with new cars, They need more dining cars and single level sleepers along with some kind of crew dorm for single level trains so that they can return space on single level LD trains to revenue. I'm sure all of this would not fall into NEC spending though it would benefit from these ideas.

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