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AC EXAM 3/12/09

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I didn't know they had exams for those jobs since they aren't civil service it's basically who you know.


Au contraire, even though MNR is not civil service, it's a process and a half to get hired. If fact I just got hired and due to start in a week and a half.


My process went like this:


1) Apply for position - applications are accepted online only and you have the opportunity to attach a resume. If they like what they see then it's on to step 2.


2) Invitation to take a written exam. Attached to the emailed invitation is a lengthy paper application and background check forms that must be filled out prior to and submitted at the test site. Depending or not you pass the test (they notify you of the test result) the background check starts.


3) About 6 months after the exam I got an email to schedule an interview and take a physical ability test. I knew after the interview that it went well and the administrator of the PAT told me a passed.


4) A few days later I got a call to schedule a medical exam. The medical exam included an EKG, pulmonary function, hearing, vision, and drug test.


5) A few days after that I got a call from the recruiter with my start date.


Mind you I do not know anyone that is anyone in MNR. In fact I was told that it doesn't matter if you know anyone or not because knowing someone won't help. The only extra thing I did was go to a Metro North career fair held at my local train station last summer. At the career fair I had the opportunity to hand a recruiter my resume.

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A very good friend of mine works for MNR and his process was go in for interview set up by his dad a MNR employee and then he got hired the next day.


He's the only one I know at MNR but at LIRR I know a alot of people and every single one of them has a father or father in law that worked there. One of them offered me a job a few years ago he swaid give him a resume and it's a done deal no test or interview and this was to be an engineer. I didn't want the job for a few reasons though.

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assistant conductor, what type of job is that? is it good paying?


The definition from Wikipidia:


In passenger service, the brakeman (called trainman or assistant conductor) collects revenue, may operate door "through switches" for specific platforming needs, makes announcements and operates trainline door open and close controls when required to assist the conductor. A passenger service trainman is often required to qualify as a conductor after 1 to 2 years experience. The rear end trainman signals to the conductor when all the train's doors are safely closed, then boards and closes his/her door.



From what I understand the pay is decent.

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Same title for :septa: and (NJT) crew. There's the engineer, conductor, and assistant conductors.


The pay is not huge, but it's not horrible and i believe depends on experience, but it varies from agency to agency. One (NJT) employee stated that his starting pay before tax was ~40k. Someone who works for MNRR may be able to shed light on pay policy as i'm just not familiar enough with it.


- A

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