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My crazy railfan avdventure due to today's snowstorm


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You guys will love this!!!:cool:


This was my trip to IKEA in Brooklyn


1: (1) to 42 St-Times Sq

2: (Q) to 34 St

3: (B) to Brighton Beach

Delay#1: There was a sick passenger at Prospect Park, so I was delayed for 10 minutes, then at Brighton Beach, waited another 10 minutes and somehow got the same (Q) train I got at 34th then delay#2: there was this one teen who kicked the door to the operator of the train because of a red signal, then the operator kicked him out and yelled at me just because I was smiling.


4: When I finally got to CI, I caught the (D) just in time but then we went via Sea Beach on the (N) because of signal problems at 9th Avenue. I also saw 2 sets of R68 on the (N). I got off at 36th, waited another 10 minutes for the (R), then it finally came and I rode to 4 Av-9 St and then rode the B77 to IKEA.


Good Story right guys? :P

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