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Hershey PA, ConRail; Circa August 1998

Brighton Local

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My Family and I vacationed In Hershey, PA about 9 years. The Holiday Inn we stood at was adjacent to these active ConRail tracks. After the first Night, the first morning I woke up, I found this PARKED outside lol. The Engineer parked his train:eek: to grab coffee and breakfast from one of the fast food restaurants that was right next to the motel.


and yes we went to Hershey, to go the park; Hershey's awesome!








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I remember when I was in Hershey Park about a month ago and saw a few trains running by. And I luckily saw one passing by while I was riding the monorail Hershey Park has there.



True, there is one or more main Railroad lines that you can see from the monorail from the Park.


Love that Monorail! lol:D

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Oh, and to add to that, I saw a train passing by pretty quick when I went up on the Kissing Tower (I felt bad going up cause I didn't have a girl with me at the moment....).


Thanks Sebbie ;)


You should've just grabbed a random girl Pablo ! :D

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