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New light-rail route made official for South Jersey


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First post! Anywho. They've been talking about this for years, and it now is official. This will be awesome for people near the route. Hop on a train at any stop on the route, and get a ride to Philly (transfer to Patco in Camden). Very nice compliment to the Riverline and Patco services.







Transportation officials say they're going to bring a major new expansion of commuter light-rail service to the South Jersey suburbs. And this time, they vow, it will get done.


The Delaware River Port Authority has been planning for years to extend rail service into Gloucester County. The DRPA already runs the PATCO Speedline that carries passengers from Camden County into Philadelphia. The agency has weighed the merits of five different routes.


Delaware River Port Authority CEO John Matheussen said on Tuesday that the new line would run from Camden to Glassboro, NJ, making stops in several towns -- including on or near the campus of Rowan University.


The train station in Glassboro, which now serves as a restaurant, would be the end of the line for phase one of the project that will, when complete, have as many as 15 stations starting in downtown Camden, with stops in Gloucester City, Woodbury, Pitman, and Glassboro (click here for map).


Matheussen says the cost will be around $1.5 billion, and the state has already committed more than $500 million from two transportation funds:


"We have a rare opportunity. We’re not going to miss it. We have another chance to build that line and much more."


It was not immediately clear where the rest of the funding would come from.


Matheussen says construction could begin in 2010 or 2011, and the line could be carrying passengers as early as 2014.


Other projects on the drawing board include express bus service along Routes 42 and 55, and improving the Atlantic City rail line.


The DRPA plan has support up and down the political food chain, topped by Governor Jon Corzine:


"I give you all my assurance whatever it takes, we’re gonna get this done. Whatever it takes, we’re gonna get this done."

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This is great, the area really needs better rail service. Now since they are diesel, do you think there is a chance that the RiverLine could extend all the way down to Glassboro? I do understand that DRPA is drawing the plans for it, and NJT is the operator for the RiverLine.

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I'm not a fan of diesel lightrails. Those fumes are noxious. They should use conventional electricity.


Too bad it's VERY expensive to electrify, or i'd agree 100%.


- A

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Just be happy South Jersey is getting something! I would not complain for to long it has been lost. Its a start.


The only thing I don't like about it is the fact you'll have to transfer to Patco to get to Philly from this line. I would like to see a new tunnel or train bridge built eventually. The whole reason for this is to get traffic off the highways. I295 trying to get to Philly in Rush Hour in unbearable. Philly is growing FAST and the suburbs in Jersey have definitely been feeling the effects of it. One train line from Jersey to Philly isn't going to be enough soon. Patco is nice, but except for the Market street stop, it's penetration into Philly is sorta weak. Now with this line and riverline and patco. You'll have 3 rail services converging @ camden and only one of those that go into Philly. Once built, Patco is gonna be overloaded. IMO. It's ashame the Walt Whitman wasn't built w/ tracks. One line for center city, another for South Philly and sports complexes would be grand.

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