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Is the problem of being Overweight a health crisis yet in America?

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Here a news story that should not shock people. Several new national research studies are showing Americans as a whole are suffering from being overweight and other health issues such as high blood pressure, diabetics, etc. more than ever. Feel free guys to rely.


Diet and exercise? Fat chance! Americans are actually more unhealthy than ever, study says


By Samantha Strong and Dave Goldiner

NY DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITERS Wednesday, May 27th 2009



Despite health warnings, we're as a society are still not ready to put down the fast food, a new study suggests.


Despite being deluged with information about the benefits of living and eating better, most Americans haven't improved their lifestyles in recent years, a new study said Wednesday.


The number of Americans who met all five of a healthy checklist - work out three times a week, eat your veggies, don't drink or smoke - actually went down from 15% to 8% in the past two decades. The Study also states the lack of working out and eating healthy home made meals has been linked by most health experts as the main link in a record number of health problems caused by high blood pressure and diabetes.


Some New Yorkers weren't surprised that the rat race has gotten the better of us.


"In New York, life is too busy to worry about health," said Donald Lora, 25, outside a Manhattan KFC outlet. "Fast food is cheap and convenient."


Others admitted busy schedules often force them off the health wagon.


"The work/life balance is out of balance," said Sam Abbate, 49, of Old Bethpage, L.I. "People get stressed and things like physical fitness are what goes."


The University of South Carolina study, published in the American Medical Journal, says physical activity and healthy eating rates are down, while obesity is up.


The number of people who fit the healthy profile in all five categories is way down and the number that get four stars has dropped from 45% to 32%. The latest surveys were done from 2003 to '06.


The numbers didn't add up to everyone.


"That shocks me," said Mike Deutsch, 43, coming from a workout at his upper West Side gym. "Our world is so educated about health issues."


"The gyms are always packed, parks are filled with people running," added Ray Koscinski, 51, of the upper West Side.


Fresh from a seniors aerobics class, 91-year-old Eleanor Gittens said she believes folks are more health-conscious than they've ever been during her nearly century of life.


"I'd take the study with a grain of salt," said the retired English professor, who lives in Brooklyn Heights.


c)2009 NY Daily News, Inc. dgoldiner@nydailynews.com

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I need to lose 35 lbs.


- A


Too bad those ultra skinny people you see ie models actors/actrsses on Television are harded to find. And yet even most of those celebrities when they get to their 50's and older age wise gain lots of weight. Look at Kristie Alley who 20 years ago on "Cheers' was considered one of the most attrctive stars on tv.


Now she the focus on gossip jokes.:confused:

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