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There are birds living above my door!

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I currently live in an Apartment in New Jersey. It's a 3 family home that has a main front door with 2 within. Leading up from the street are a couple of steps (or a stoop).


Just a few weeks ago I noticed a large amount of twigs and debris were showing up on my stoop rightnear the door. Originally, I took no notice except to sweep them off to the side and onto the grass. The next day after sweeping it the same area was full of twigs and stuff yet the rest of the walkway was completely clear. I looked up to find what was doing this (perhaps a tree or something) and to my excitement I saw a birds nest nestled into the door frame.




That's just the beginning. Every time someone would leave or approach the house the bird would fly to a nearby tree and chirp loudly. Then another bird (I assume the father) would ALWAYS fly in to see what was happening. I could always tell when someone came in by the bird.




Anyways. After a few weeks of that and giving it some bread every once in a while I noticed a peculiar site. There was a beak coming out of the nest but I knew the bird wasa bit bigger than the nest so its tail was always popping out. I knew it must have had baby birds. I ran into the house and got a chair and there were 3 cute little birds staring back at me. Of course the mother was going nuts in the tree so I backed off after taking some photos.






I left a note in the other 2 apartment mailboxes to leave the nest alone as there are baby birds in it. I'd hate to have them try and remove it and hurt them.




Original size:







Thought I'd stick that in there.

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