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  1. Not sure how true it is but I just saw a memo saying that CBTC along QBL has been suspended as of today.
  2. Wonder what the reasoning behind this is, 239th also just got 7121-7125 not too long ago,
  3. I second this, I think there were a few weekends where they did just this. And with current ridership levels due to COVID, you could definitely do away with the . You could send every other to 148, or reinstitute the shuttle bus
  4. I know exactly what you're talking about, as I've seen it dozens of times on departing trains going N/B. Hoping someone can share some insight as well.
  5. Idk, Usually when they send those PA-5's to get refurbished, they're almost always unwrapped. Maybe they're trying to keep the 211's from being unveiled for reasons.
  6. Just got a text, email, AND phone call that the test is cancelled indefinitely. They should be sending the exam fee refunds sometime between this week and next week.
  7. I doubt it, but if ridership does increase that's always subject to change. I was just on the yesterday during rush; and was still relatively empty.
  8. Thats why they haven't been put into service right away. The sets that are good for service are being prepped. In a few days time a few should pop up.
  9. They're better off just ending those Nereid 's at Gun Hill Road (WPR). Half the time they don't even go to nereid anyway, and if they do, it causes such a massive conga line that they'll send it to 241st Street.
  10. I could definitely see them pushing 40-50 easy. The R142/As are due for major upgrades in 2-3 years anyways in prep for CBTC.
  11. The middle track is usually used overnights to layup extra trains.
  12. How would they do this from an operational standpoint? Are trains just going to pingpong between terminals light until 5AM?
  13. Ahh gotcha, in that case the name definitely seems fitting then lol, thanks guys!
  14. Silly question, perhaps some employee can answer this, but Ive always wondered why they nicknamed the "the beast".
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