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  1. Saw a to Flatbush on the countdown clock at Park Place, only for it to be a . I guess they're running some sort of ad-hoc service to 137th.
  2. Got the alerts this morning that the test/interview have been cancelled. I haven’t received anything yet though, not that it matters now lol. Although this is a great opportunity to study up though.
  3. Wow. So with that being said, there's still over 100 of them running right?
  4. Ah gotcha. Yeah you should be fine. Hopefully within the next 2 weeks they send stuff out.
  5. Just following up on this thread. With the exam being almost 2 weeks away, has anyone receive anything a of yet?
  6. C/R got stabbed at Beverly Road. smh
  7. I hope they would be smart about this and hold onto whatever remaining cars are available.
  8. And naturally the gets shafted yet again 🙄. Theres gotta be a better way of doing these kinds of G.O.s
  9. With most of the R62A's retrofitted with the newer interior lighting, I found one set on the 6 still with the original lighting. 2086-2090.
  10. If you have a good T/O who knows how to clear the timers down there, 60 is definitely achievable. I remember some time back someone said an R68A N and an R160 Siemens were hitting 60 and 65 easily on the queens bound side.
  11. Lately they’re been converting alot of 62A rollsigns to single line only. There’s a few sets still roaming with the original rollsigns In em
  12. Jesus, the R62's really tanked. Wonder what gives. Its good to see the R142/A's are getting a major increase. They were barely above 80,000 a not too long ago.
  13. Stupid question, forgive me lol. but Is there a specific reason they want the Alstoms at Jamaica first as opposed to the Siemens? Is it because most of the CBTC Retrofits were done on the Alstoms first?
  14. -Suspended -96th to Stillwell, via West End or Sea Beach. Shuttle service operates between Kings Highway and Stillwell. operates in 2 sections: between NL and Brooklyn Bridge between Woodlawn and 86th Street. operates from Dyre to 86th Street, select trains end at E180th. between Brooklyn Bridge and Flatbush Ave. Pelham Bay Park to Grand Central, suspended. operates in 2 section: between 241st and South Ferry on the (local after 34th) between Atlantic Ave and Flatbush. 148th to 14th or Chambers Street, Brooklyn service suspended.
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