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  1. Assuming the derailment was southbound: Service Changes as followed: Runs in 2 sections- 241st Street to Wall Street/Atlantic Avenue-Flatbush. Runs in 2 sections - 148th to South Ferry or Chambers Street/Shuttle from Utica to New Lots. Runs in 2 section-Woodlawn to Bowling Green or Brooklyn Bridge, select trains terminate at 149th/GC. Borough Hall to Utica/NL. runs in 2 sections- Dyre to Bowling Green/Nevins to Flatbush. Metropolitan to Chambers Street. World Trade to Jamaica Center via the from W4 to 36th Street runs in 2 sections: Astoria to Queensboro Plaza/Times Square to 86th Street. Local Canal-57th. runs in 2 sections: Whitehall to 96 Street. to 71st with select trains turning at 96th Street. Southbound trains operate via 53rd or 63rd. is suspended. Stillwell to Atlantic Ave, then via the to Times Square terminating on the Express
  2. I just saw it at 14th a few mins ago. Its been there for 2 months I believe, wonder if its permanent or just a loan
  3. IIRC, only about 80-100 Cars are being retired. The rest will remain until the R211's arrive next year.
  4. 71st Avenue to Broadway Junction Express from 71st to Queens Plaza Broad to Crescent Street. and to South Ferry to Brooklyn Bridge and to Bowling Green
  5. Service Changes as followed: between 181st Street and Lefferts/Far Rockaway. Normal trains will run as followed: between Dyckman Street to Rector Street. to alleviate cogestion, select trains will run via the to Flatbush Avenue. Woodlawn to Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall Dyre to Grand Central-42nd select trains also run via the from 149th to Nevins Street both directions. Pelham to Brooklyn Bridge select trains will terminate at 86th Street. : Suspended. 86th Street to Times Square 42nd Street. 95th to 71st (normal) via 63rd from 57 to 36th Street to 96th Street. Local Canal to 57th.
  6. Service Changes as followed: runs in 2 sections: South Ferry to 14th Street between 242nd to 96th Street. via Lexington Avenue both directions runs in 2 sections: 148th to CPN-110th Street between New Lots to Wall Street Avenue runs in 2 sections: Woodlawn to Grand Central between Utica Avenue to Borough Hall. runs from Dyre to East 180th Street, Service in Brooklyn Suspended Pelham Bay Park to 86h Street B Divison Service Changes runs in 2 sections: 207th to 168th Street. between 59th Street to Far Rockaway/Lefferts Blvd. Suspended Suspended runs between 205th Street to 125th Street. runs between Jamaica Center and Essex Street from Metropolitan to Myrtle Avenue. Normal Route, via the Bridge from Canal to Dekalb both directions Astoria to Canal Street LL.
  7. I thought we got the additional 18 cars last year?
  8. service in 2 sections: S/B: 242nd Street to 14th N/B SF to Chambers S/B 241st to Flatbush via Lexington Avenue both directions. runs in 2 sections: S/B: 148th Street to 34th Street N/B: New Lots to Chambers with some trains terminating at Wall Street, and Nevins. Select trains end at East 180th Street. B Division: : 207th to 34th Penn Station N/B Trains Far Rock/Lefferts to Chambers : Brighton Beach to 96th/2nd Avenue : Suspended : 205th Street to 34th Street/6th Ave : Jamaica Center to 34th Street or Queens Plaza : Jamaica 179 to 57th Street or 42nd Bryant Park. : Metropolitan to Chambers Street
  9. Has anyone that applied gotten a letter yet? I know they said something about sending one 10 days after the examination.
  10. Maybe the A will see R160's and some 68's.
  11. Seems like it for now. If problems arise again, they should really keep 2 extra 42’s on standby.
  12. Interesting Reads! Thanks a bunch! This was partly what I was referring to earlier. Also, is there a way to find these old committee agendas? Or are these like old archives? Kinda curious as to what else they had planned back then.
  13. One thing I would add are those annoying hold to times at 149th GC, and 161st Street. Sometimes it gums up service pretty bad with trains right behind each other at 161
  14. The and Merge at E180 is definitely one Im on board with. They could always solve this by running the Express in the Bronx and have the Local. Not sure how thats going to sit with Dyre/Co-op City Residents lol
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