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  1. The equipment is still TBD. If I were to guess though, it will probably be the BU's, Standards, Triplex, and the TOMM. It would be cool if they could bring out the TOMC on the Brighton Trip like they did years ago.
  2. From what I've heard when redoing the Montague Tube after sandy, they did something with the roof of the tunnel that apparently made the R32's and R42's as well as Museum Trains too tall to enter the tubes, hence why they've been "banned". Not sure of the restriction is uplifted though, probably not.
  3. Definitely digging that R142A Manual, lol
  4. The NTT's don't have handbrakes, only the SMEE's do. They do however have parking brakes, which (IIRC) is only present when the train is in emergency.
  5. 14th is a good place to do it, however you can't terminate there because thats where the last few 's of the night are stored. 34th is definitely the best option, plus its out of the way of the as well. Eliminates the whole fumigating fiasco at Times Square.
  6. I was hoping someone got audio from the meltdown. Just goes to show how crap TA's Radio Comms are. In Dyre situations like this, communication is key. Kudos to the people at RCC though, must've been running around like headless chickens up there lol
  7. At least with the 2 being local (hopefully) the whole Times Square fumigation fiasco is gone. Its really annoying having to sit behind a 3 for 10 minutes because someone refuses to detrain. Realistically they should have those 3's drop out at 34th Street and just double end the move into the spur if possible.
  8. Damn, must've had a really good train then, most of the 62's Ive had were barely touching 45. Also, 49 between 34th and 14th is unheard of, pretty impressive, most of the 142's don't even get that high on that segment.
  9. R179 EMI Testing is Cancelled until Further Notice.
  10. Nice review I'm looking for the R1's too, what subway sets do you have?
  11. I live in upstate NY, about 50 miles from the city, and was wondering what radio scanner would be the best to listen to the subway frequencies?
  12. Cool, how much was it at the show yesterday, were there any other rare sets there as well R32 3838
  13. Mine is a dell Inspiron mini, same laptop, I was running the harbourvale line. I I downloaded the Q, F, or A train or any other with let's say an R160 and the new lots avenue package with the 142A would it run well? Cause those lines are high quality routes and don't get over 10 fps especially the New Lots Route, A, C, V, And G which lag really bad at 3 fps.
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uePj5gqOG0Y
  15. I see in some of your videos, that when you operate the R46 A train, it goes up to 11-15 fps. Now would it operate at 11-15 fps on any line, like the 2, L, E, Q, N, new lots avenue line?

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