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  1. Loving the Job thus far all the info here helped a great deal and thanks again WillBX718 for all your information.
  2. I'd give the person who contacted you for interview or the person you interviewed with a follow up call or shoot them a follow up email wouldn't kill you to do both just to see what the outcome of your interview was/is. Could be that other slots opened up in the same department as people move up and around within the system or that you were not selected for the position and they are still looking to fill the slot. Either way find out your personal status. Best of luck.
  3. They probably don't have a class scheduled at the moment or there might have been one and it became full or was pushed back. Either way they are waiting for new classes to be scheduled and once that's a go then you will be called in to finish processing. Just give HR a call if you haven't already to see where they/ you are In the process
  4. The B restriction is not an issue at all as long as you pass the medical eye exam which tests you with and without your lens I still can't understand why I've heard folks failed the exam without lenses which is crazy because if your required to wear glasses or contacts you won't ever be without them anyhow, I wear corrective lenses and I was appointed with that B restriction on my license and cdl permit. The other 2 restrictions I have no Knowledge of So I Can't Speak on them.
  5. it's when Someone has cleared the final processing stage and is officially given a Job offer and has accepted the position and has been sworn in.
  6. Thanks guys at least I'm not the only one. Your correct there are only a limited amount of individuals that actually use the forums or post
  7. Lol,I don't Know I'm sure there was an extremely large number of applicants maybe that's why they added an additional test day. However, A Sunday sounds pretty Suspect for a city exam it's a first for me anyhow and I've been taking city, state & fed test since I left H.S. what's making me question it is that everyone posting is scheduled for the 14th
  8. I haven't Seen anyone with a 12-15-13 test date post yet. Wondering if this is a set up LMAO. Mine is yellow & says Written as well. However, my letter does indicate the 1.5 hrs for the test Session
  9. I just want to Say that observation day was interesting As Hell and it had nothing to do with the Customers. Like you said there will be a lot of things taking place that aren't proper procedure and bad habits developed over the years. I'm thinking positive and not trying to allow myself to let worry creep in as far as our Booth takeover days go. It's definitely a whole lot more entailed with the title than I could have ever imagined of course what I've learned So far has given me a different perspective of agents and also explains the behavior of SOME agents I've encountered as a Customer, Overall, I just anticipate learning even more and gaining additional Skills through my booth experiences to become a highly productive agent
  10. Congratulations! Welcome To the MTA Family
  11. Hopefully NO one is trying / going to attempt to memorize the books or booklets they've purchased or will get from these classes as they are only Examples to familiarize you in regards to how the questions are structured on the actual exam. The actual training is more intense than the exam. However I Know that doesn't apply to everyone some people are not at ease taking exams and sometimes score lower due to anxiety not from lack of Comprehension Good luck to Everyone taking 4600 on 12-14- 13 As well as on 12-15-13
  12. Keeping a Positive open mind for myself and my classmates. May We all have informative experiences during our observations....
  13. Thanks for the welcome and like you said it is a great deal of information but like anything new once you learn it thing's then become habit
  14. YES!!!Congrats!!! I'm so happy for you when does your class Start? hopefully monday Correction: I Just Saw you stated you attended orientation today probably See you tomorrow at the school

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