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  1. Hello Everyone: Update: 9939-9940 have been removed from the Out of Service area, not sure where they went but thankfully they are not in the scrap yard adjacent to the garage. 9907 & 9910 are the only two left. CDTA/NX # 317 has joined them back there.
  2. Autocar

    Yankee Trails

    Bus #246, An 1995 MCI has been sold to Fox Bus Company. Fox runs between Albany + NYC. They have 3 Van-Hools, 2 white + 1 purple. They park behind Bryant Stratton College. I would not ride with them. Those Van-Hools are really beat up. 246 is likely the best bus they own.
  3. Update: 4 LFS Novas Out of Service out back: 9907, 9910, 9939-9940. Strange thing is that 9907 + 9910 had disappeared for 10 days but have reappeared. Have not seen 9913 + 9917 in service for almost 10 days but they are not out back.
  4. All but 2 of the LFS Nova Buses that were out back are gone, the 2 that are left appear to be 9939-9940 (?). Also have not seen 9913 + 9917 in service for a week, hope they are still in service.
  5. Bus # 4008 has been repainted in the I-Ride colors and is in the Albany Garage doing regular service. It was removed from bus-plus service when the Artic # 5518 joined that fleet.
  6. CDTA has once again wrapped a Gillig Hybrid in Pink. Not sure what the number is, will post it when I do.
  7. Autocar

    Yankee Trails

    Bus # 236, 1995 MCI-102DL3 has returned to active service.
  8. Autocar

    Yankee Trails

    #238, a 1995 MCI-102DL-3, which was believed to have been retired is alive and well and wrapped for a local TV Station.
  9. Autocar

    MTA Bus Operations: Scrapped Equipment List

    I sincerely hope that the this is not the Museum Fishbowl #100 ?
  10. Artic 6005 is no longer in the yard @ Cumnmins, not sure if it's inside their shops or returned to CDTA for service. Also 9913 is still in service, appears as if this one could be the last of the group but I still have not given up on 9917 yet. Also yesterday 6093 and 6163 were both seen in service on Schenectady's long route on Central Avenue.
  11. Artic 6005 is out of service @ the Cummins Dealership on Railroad Avenue here in Albany.
  12. Autocar

    Museum Car Discussion Thread

    Anybody know the whereabouts of D-Type Unit 6112 ? On the recent museum fan trip 6095ABC ran with AB's 2390-2391-2392.
  13. Autocar

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    Having been in this hobby for over 50 years, it never seems to amaze me at the stupidity at MTA/NYCT. Whether it's scrapping first [ buses or trains] and ask questions later and now it's the fact that they seem to be buying more and more artics yet when the weather gets bad with snow/sleet/ice they are the first buses that are taken off the roads in favor of the standard size buses. Can anybody explain to me the rational behind their logic ?
  14. Update on Out of Service List: 9907, 9910, 9939-9940. Only 2 left in service by my count: 9913 & 9917. Sad


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