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  1. I respect your right to disagree with my opinion, but I have mine and you have yours and that is where we will leave the discussion.
  2. It's a very sad day that the end of the RTS Era has arrived. It only proves my theory that the NYCT still lives by the credo of "Scrap First and Ask Questions Later ". They never learn. The reporter who wrote the now infamous article about the RTS model buses in my opinion belongs in prison and the Transit Executives who are responsible for pulling perfectly serviceable buses from doing what they were supposed to be doing should join the reporter in jail because they are guilty of Criminal actions. This is a grave injustice.
  3. Update : Albany now has 4008 up to 4053H. Just saw 4160 on the 22 Route, so I guess 4160 is now a Troy Bus.
  4. Question : I watched the video showing the R46 Q in service. What do the blue diamonds alongside the number boards signify ?
  5. It appears as if there has been some equipment shifts between Albany Garage and Schenectady Garage and Troy. 4128 + 4150 have taken up residence in Schenectady while Albany seems to have more of the 4026H - 4031H Group. I will post the moves as I see them.
  6. I am aware of what they were supposed to receive. I am almost positive that I saw a new Gillig numbered 4195. I will keep my eyes open for it.
  7. 4195 in Service, Guess this order is for more then 12 units. Also, as for the retired LFS Novas Out back, it's down to 2, 9910 + 9907, which has it's engine hatch door open. No idea where 9917 disappeared to. CDTA is one of the few transit authorities that did not go with RTS. They stayed away from them.
  8. 4186 In Service with permanent plates. This batch also has LED hyperwhite headlights, very bright even in daytime with the sun shinning.
  9. Hello Again : GilliGillig 4191 in service on the 6 Route.
  10. I can confirm 4183 in service. 9913 LFS Nova is reportedly retired but is not outside in the back. 9907, 9910 + 9917 are the only ones out back. Hopefully as rumored 9913 is being preserved. Wish they had kept a Nabi and an Orion 6 and one of the 1970 Shorty Flxibles that were sold to NYC-DOT
  11. 2019 Update: Looks like 4008H - 4025H have taken up residence in Albany Garage. Not sure what was traded for but 4143 is in Schenectady and have not seen 4135 - 4147 in Albany. Some units are getting new front numbers in a larger sized font. Local Buses are using white numbers while the limiteds are using black numbers. Wonder what the next new stuff will be ?
  12. 2019 Updates: 4143 is in Schenectady while 4021H has taken up residence in Albany. Looks like 9913 is the last one standing. Three Novas out back are: 9907, 9910 + 99?? (I believe it's 9917, the number is not visible).
  13. Hello Everyone: Update: 9939-9940 have been removed from the Out of Service area, not sure where they went but thankfully they are not in the scrap yard adjacent to the garage. 9907 & 9910 are the only two left. CDTA/NX # 317 has joined them back there.

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