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  1. All of the Low Floor Nova Buses that were in the back yard @ the Albany Garage are gone. Not sure if the were sold and to whom or what actually happened to them.
  2. MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    Yesterday, while traveling Northbound on the N.Y. State Thruway, I saw going southbound around exit 21 at 3pm, were 2 New Flyer Artics, 6058 & 6080.
  3. Gillig # 4139 is painted/wrapped[?] in Pink with grey strips by the rear wheels on each side. Also some of the LFS Novas that were in the back yard of the Albany Garage are gone from there. Not sure if they have been sold or scrapped [ heaven forbid].
  4. More New Buses In Service: New Flyer Artics: 6005-6007 Gillig: 4161
  5. Another New Flyer Artic in Service: 6004. It appears that the 3000 series low floor Novas are Out of Service / In Storage. The only Nova's in service are the 99xx group.
  6. July 26-27 in Brooklyn

    Fantastic Shots. When was the B4 transferred to JG ?
  7. More New Gilligs: 4161 now in service out of Albany Garage
  8. More new Gilligs in service; 4154-4160. Guess more LFS Novas being retired.
  9. Museum Buses

    Does anybody know what happened to 2969 [ aka; 4789],the Jackie Gleason Museum Bus ? It was at last years bus bash and had some problems and it has not been seen since, it was not at the 2016 bus festival either.
  10. Up to Date Out of Service List--Albany Yard: 3001-2, 3008, 3011, 9902, 9952.
  11. More New Gilligs: 4151-4153
  12. Add 3002 to the Out of Service List along with 3 or 4 others [ numbers to follow later]. New In Service Artic 6003.
  13. Another New Flyer Artic In Service = 6002
  14. Correction to the last post, the LFS Nova Out of Service is 3001.
  15. Add New Gillig 4150 to Albany & 3011--LFS Nova to the Out of Service List, it's out back next to 9952.


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