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  1. Correction on the LFS-Nova Buses--Out of Service, They are 9923 & 9933. On a positive note, the LFS Nova assigned to Sheriff Craig Apple, that disappeared from the Albany Garage's Yard, is alive and well. Saw it running down Central Avenue yesterday @ 5pm.
  2. Another New Gillig In service = 4176. The Other LFS Nova Out of Service Appears to be 9956.
  3. The Gilligs are 2018 Models. At this time, I can not confirm Artic 6009, Have not personally seen it. Highest I have seen is 6007.
  4. More New Gilligs: 4171-4175. Another 99xx LFS Nova--Out Of Service, could not get the number. Sad to say but Looks like their in service days are really numbered now. Wonder which one will be the final one in service ?
  5. MTA Bus Operations: Scrapped Equipment List

    As a Command / Pioneer Historian, I object to their place in history being ignored.
  6. MTA Bus Operations: Scrapped Equipment List

    Your response to my post, is totally ludicrous. If you really believe that scrapping 1 bus "saved the MTA from financial ruin" then you are kidding yourself.
  7. MTA Bus Operations: Scrapped Equipment List

    I am outraged that 4904 is being scrapped because this now leaves Command Bus Company without representation in the museum bus fleet. I am sure that the late/great Alan Bromberger is turning over in his grave. It's a shame that one of their original 96 inch RTS's like 351 or one of their Ex-CDTA Flxibles or GM Decks could not have been saved. I do intend to contact one of the Department of Buses Vice Presidents about this issue. It is a travisty of justice.
  8. LFS Nova 9923, Out Of Service Parked in the Back Area reserved for Out Of Service Buses. Sad to say They are going one by one. Also the Orion 1 is still MIA.
  9. The Orion Bus that was parked in the back of the Albany Garage has been moved. Not Sure where to, but I can tell you that it's not in the scrap yard that is next door to their property.
  10. It appears as if 4120-4127 Have been transferred to Troy.
  11. LFS Nova 9935 is also in service, saw it last night.
  12. LFS Nova: 9913 back in service today.
  13. Add 9903 to the list of LF Nova Buses still seeing service. Saw it on the #1 line this morning.


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