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  1. Out of Service Updated List: 9907 & 9940
  2. Autocar

    Museum Car Discussion Thread

    There were reports that the AB Standards & D-Type 6112 had problems @ The Parade of Trains. Anybody have more information ? Thanks in advance.
  3. Autocar

    MTA Bus Operations: Scrapped Equipment List

    Thanks, I knew it was a good reason.
  4. Autocar

    MTA Bus Operations: Scrapped Equipment List

    Anybody know why 8971 is slated for the museum ?
  5. That's great news, thank you, i will add them to the in-service list.
  6. Autocar

    MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    I am happy to hear about 4904 / Command CNG--RTS but where did your information come from ?
  7. Update to yesterday's LFS Nova Status: 9907 is Out of service in the back yard, and now there are three in service: 9917, 9939-9940 of which I saw all three this morning in service.
  8. The only 4 active LFS Nova Buses that I have seen lately are: 9907, 9917, 9939-9940.
  9. Update: Artic 6008 is in service. Gillig 4150 does have a rear camera.
  10. Sorry to Report, but all 5 of the Low floor Nova Buses that were out back are GONE. I hope they have been bought by some transit property and will have a second life elsewhere. Thankfully, they are not in the junk yard next door to their Albany garage.
  11. Gillig 5517 Bus Plus, has been Retrofitted with a Rear View Camera, I was in back of it yesterday evening.
  12. 9910 Also Still in Service, happy to Report
  13. Happy to report that 9940 is also alive and well in service.
  14. Add 9913 to those still in service.
  15. Add 9924 to the list of those still in service.


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