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  1. brakethrow

    32 A sig.jpg

    A 10 car set of R32's approaching Beach 25th St on the

    © Eli Hanson

  2. brakethrow


    Brooklyn bound R179 at Canal St

    © Eli Hanson

  3. brakethrow

    Off-topic Random Thoughts Thread

    *post deleted* Don't think it follows guidelines..
  4. brakethrow

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    The lack of easily accessible information back in 70s-90s is why a decent amount of old heads who grew up in the relatively safe areas of NYC swear it was overall much safer back then. When in fact statistics shows homicide rates were at a constant 1000+ with some years even hitting 2000+ in that time period. On a different note there's a train operator who's train I've been on more than a handful of times. I call him ghost operator because he always has a dust mask on which barely reveals his face. He's always standing and knows how to fly into a station comfortably while most operators brake before the platforms along the Nostrand IRT.
  5. brakethrow

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    I don't remember. I'll be on the lookout next time.
  6. brakethrow

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    s/b on the / btw if that makes a difference..
  7. brakethrow

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Approaching Franklin Ave s/b my train stops at the yellow right outside the station instead of the red that's roughly a quarter into the station. I've noticed this has been done a few times before.. Why is that ?
  8. brakethrow

    R32 Fleet Swap Discussion Thread

    I was telling myself just the other day how boring it must be for T/Os to run the same equipment everyday. Back in the early 2000s it must've been a guessing game for them as they were waiting for their next run at a terminal. The Brighton especially had a nice mix of 68s, 32s, the slants, and the 160s.
  9. brakethrow

    R179 J

    An 8-car set of R179s at Bowery St - the second ugliest station in the system preceded by Chambers St.

    © Eli Hanson

  10. brakethrow

    R179 Discussion Thread

    So what are train operators saying about the 179s ? Do they like running them ? Also what new information is shown in the cab screens compared to the 160s ?
  11. brakethrow

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    lately there has been a couple vids on fb with teens breaking into the rear-end cabs of R62s and saying random things over the PA.. what is the protocol for when train crews encounters situations like these ?
  12. brakethrow

    Why Your Subway Train Might Start Moving Faster

    Wonder if those timers on the exp between Franklin and Atlantic n/b were tweaked for faster speeds as well.. Earlier today I was on a that was moving at what felt like 30-35 compared to the usual 20-25 on that stretch. The only significant slow down was for the timer at Atlantic.
  13. brakethrow

    Why Your Subway Train Might Start Moving Faster

    Occasionally I'll be on a train where the train operator keeps it wrapped up during that stretch. You really start to feel the intensity of that run hauling ass into that curve at Astor Place ! On a sidenote, with some of these speed limits being increased by 10mph + .. it makes me wonder who implemented the original speed limits in the first place and how they came to the conclusion that those were to be the top safe speeds..
  14. brakethrow

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Not going to say which location because I hear higher ups like lurking around here.. but one can sense the pressure on T/Os during rush hour to keep the train moving and on time. I've been on countless runs where they are hitting those switches at around 15 mph - not 10. Music to my ears going thru those switches at speed.
  15. brakethrow

    Why Your Subway Train Might Start Moving Faster

    About time. Too many bullsh*t speed limits in the system


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