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  1. I've read many of the horror stories of crews having to deal with management but didn't know it was horrible to this extent. No mom and dad, had to get it on my own since the age of 15 - trust I'm well aware. Seeing as this is a job that many enthusiasts dream of doing I was simply curious. Just like the guy in the video below, I wondered if that's the case with most other operators.
  2. Management aside, do most train operators enjoy their job? Despite different braking characteristics of different equipment, I can't help but feel that running up/down the same line multiple times a day gets boring real quick.
  3. Are those newly added high voltage labels above the trucks of the 142s really necessary? Probably as useless as the arrows they placed at the doorways of the 160s years back.
  4. Just gestured a m/m to blow the horn. Two blows followed and I felt like a little kid again. Lol some things you just never grow out of.
  5. I never cared enough to know the difference, same with the 68/68A. Though I like how easy it is to distinguish an R142 from an R142A.142As have a more vivid appearance with darker contrast. 142s look washed out in comparison lol. On a different note I'm loving the smooth rides/braking with the R179s on the A/C. When the R160s arrived more than a decade ago (damn time flew) I didn't think it could get any smoother. Now I wonder what the R211s have in store in terms of ride comfort.
  6. Ugh.. please don't remind me of waiting underground for a train during the summer 😓
  7. What an ugly train.. Possible propulsion doesn't sound appealing either. Is the power handle going to be in the middle or is there still a lack of consideration for the t/o's?
  8. What bus model is 9510? Rode it the other night on the B12. Not a bus fan but this model stood out to me. The back doors open/close much faster than the traditional one's. Always hated that delay the traditional one's had when closing. I don't like how some of the seats on the left face towards the right though.
  9. What's with so many of these odd speed restrictions throughout the system? 13mph, 26mph, 17mph, etc, etc. Also how exactly do they determine speed limits in general?
  10. How do they run like the M7s? From my experience, they do actually make some subtle squealing which I think will eventually get just as bad as the M7s. I was a little disappointed when hearing it. I think they're alright. Interior lighting is a bit too strong and the colors gives me hospital vibes.
  11. I wonder what the turnover rate for bus drivers are. Whenever I encounter a new and semi enthusiastic driver, I wonder how quickly that enthusiasm will die down. Having to deal with the unappreaciative/disrespectful public and these clown drivers on the road must be beyond stressful.
  12. Lol some of these t/o's barely even try to hide them being on the phone..head all down with the phone positioned to the right of the cab right near the window..screen bright as day.
  13. Some had said it was due to our signal system being ancient but nothing too specific.
  14. No, I've never seen this unless of course the blocks ahead are occupied.

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