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  1. How old are some of the youngest LIRR engineers ?
  2. Not to mention he was already two minutes behind schedule with a train crawling directly behind it at Franklin.
  3. "Take the test" was a smart comment that wasn't needed. For the most part we're on this forum to gain knowledge on the system..that's why I asked. Of course I'm seeing operations from a different perspective being that I don't work for the system.
  4. Unless it's rush hour when trains are bunching, 99% of the time trains are moving at max speeds between stations along that stretch (30-40 mph). Which is what I would consider decent. There was no chance of him hitting a signal as I stated before, his leader was 10 mins away - all greens. Maybe you thought I was being sarcastic with the school car and 12-9 comments but I wasn't. Those are literally the first two things that come to mind whenever I'm on a train that's running alot slower than usual despite greens ahead. Braking into stations at 20 mph right at the start of the platforms - I'm pretty sure anyone would question that.
  5. Had a t/o that was running around 20-25 mph between stations from Flatbush to President. Its leader was roughly 10 mins away so I didn't understand why he was running so slow. He was even braking at the start of platforms at those speeds.. Maybe fresh out of school car ? Or traumatized by a 12-9 in the past ? I'm just trying to make sense of this.. Living near the Brighton as well I knew I should've just taken the .
  6. http://openbveconnect.com//index.php has newer editions of some of the NYCT lines. Does anyone mind sharing the objects for the line? I've downloaded it from openbveconnect though many objects such as timers are missing in many areas.
  7. Can confirm, definitely remember seeing that set at 14th St during the AM rush that day. I never bother looking/ jotting down car numbers in my head unless there's something interesting about that particular car/set but for some reason I decided to look at this one..
  8. Earlier this week while waiting near the front of the Jamaica bd platform at the Junction I did notice a Manhattan bd train crawling out of there. I didn't hear any horn but I still passed it off as maybe some track work going on. Now that you brought it up I'm wondering what the real issue might be..
  9. The probably has the fastest average speed in the system. Feels like 35-40 between most stations.
  10. First time riding the LIRR yesterday - Atlantic Terminal to Locust Manor. The M7s sway a lot which makes me wonder how much they swayed before modifications were made in the early 2000s due to excessive swaying. The conductor didn't check tickets until we were approaching Jamaica - is this the norm ? If that's the case it's too easy to catch a free ride from Atlantic to ENY.
  11. If the track ahead is straight and signals clearly visible, why does that 15 mph when bypassing a station rule still need to be followed ?
  12. Yes this year alone almost every week I've been on a train where a homeless person is sparking a blunt. December last year going uptown on the between 59th and 125th some homeless head is in his own world smoking his spliff meanwhile the train was relatively full with a handful of kids age 12 and under. Being that it was a 46 riders were basically trapped on that 5 min + run. I remember years ago (7+) you'd find maybe one homeless person in a train car and it was usually during late night hours. Now it is not uncommon to see two sharing the same car during all hours of the day. Late night is a whole 'nother ball game as on some lines going from car to car you'd find them on almost every car. I don't mind sharing cars with any homeless person though, it is the mentally ill ones that smell of pure ass - engulfing the whole car with that shit smell that irritates me.
  13. Speaking of which.. A few hours ago I was on a that went BIE between President and Franklin n/b. Not sure if the t/o hit a timer but the few words I was able to pick up from his radio chatter was "25 mph" and "last car".

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