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  1. I believe I found this unit last night running on the M96
  2. Meanwhile those 2 R42s are still sitting at Fresh Pond Yard
  3. So I decided to go out and do a bit of railfanning today on the and I was at 74th St and then this a**hole of an operator on the Manhatten Bound Platform flipped me off.. Tbh I was kind of expecting this to happen at some point during my times of railfanning.
  4. My friends be telling me that R32 was a school car set and now it is back at ENY.
  5. Storage ? I Thought it was heading down there for wash down..... For once
  6. I've been hearing that the has been starting to use the one R68/A from the again during the P/M rush, Is this true ?
  7. Caught a bunch of clowns subway surfing on a (6) going uptown on Bleeker St a couple of minutes ago.
  8. Nope, haven't seen or heard of any R32s back in service yet.
  9. R32s Returning to the huh.... I guess I'll be going outside to do something after all
  10. I really wouldnt say they're aren't perfect on the (J), I was recently on an 179 on the J and on of its doors remained closed throughout the entire trip and when the other door closed to looked like they close completely shut. I swear every time I ride a 179 it feels like I'm riding a death train, there was this one the and when I sat down on one of its seats I heard a lot of creaking, felt like I was about to fall through the entire train.
  11. Can someone please explain what the hell is going on here ?
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