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  1. He must've tried to cross the tracks to the other platform
  2. Welp there goes the one man that knew what he was doing.... I guess the MTA would just get worse from here on out.
  3. Every line runs R42s Expect the and they run R32s, R38s, and R46s
  4. I think they did that with the R46s as well when they first came into service
  5. They were thrown back into service because of the 179 issue
  6. Theres was an NIS R179 that bypassed Eucild Ave
  7. Ah yes, it's time to hunt the R42s again
  8. Of course they would say it's the R32s that would have those door problems
  9. If the rest are going to 207th St I honestly hope they retire then have them run on the or
  10. I was on 3776 a few days ago and that R32 has a howling noise like the R68s
  11. In my eyes they only did it was so that they can slap more XD60s on both lines
  12. At least I don't have to walk an extra block to get to a stop on the M14D
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