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  1. Caught that exact same set testing before it went into service.
  2. Might as well keep them on the (J). Since the shutdown is not happening there really won't be a need to move equipment around as much.
  3. I'm already embarrassed by that fact please don't rub salt on my wound.
  4. Most employees are railfans themselves so of course.
  5. 179 thinks it's an (E). Can you imagine?
  6. It's sitting at 190 st right now still waiting for it to move for those of you still looking for it heading to 207th.
  7. Everybody relax. You can tell this the originator is obviously new and not familiar with the regulation and rules to the forums we were all new once. He'll learn. Mods lock this thread up.
  8. The would need R32s for additional service since they are converting to 8 cars. So the most likely would get the 32s.
  9. https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=undefined&cd=&ved=0ahUKEwj85Lvly_vfAhUrh-AKHSXxDoYQzPwBCAM&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.nydailynews.com%2Fnew-york%2Fny-metro-r179-mta-train-car-20190108-story.html&psig=AOvVaw3ZClXsSLQqprGzkeLAvuq5&ust=1548047318779421 This article may interest some of you I've noticed that the 179s have had their fair share of consistent breakdowns and defects. I am aware of the possibility that can just be an effect of the "New Subway Car Phase" but I would like to shed some light on what is going on specifically. My experiences with the 179s personally haven't been really good.
  10. Increasing service is completely unnecessary. Especially since the is a supplement itself. I think he most likely meant an extension.
  11. Saw 3181-3184 testing last night at Fulton St. It had an "8 AVE EXPRESS" signage.
  12. Would any of you know what time the daily rush hour 68 departs 96 st.
  13. The line is most definitely the fastest. Due to it not sharing teach with any other services and CBTC implemented. It also depends on the what you mean if your talking about travel time not including the shuttles the is your man.
  14. Not tho derail this thread off topic but where do the R42s fit in this equation? Are they going to be reserved after the shutdown or are they going to the (B)?
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