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  1. Would a thread for the impact of the COVID-19 emergency on NYC transit be warranted? useful? wanted by the community?
  2. 1) Architecture/engineering-wise, would it be feasible to a) double track the Brooklyn ? b) extend platforms to a full 10 car length? 2) Would such an undertaking, if possible, be worth it a) in terms of ridership? b) in terms of flexibility for routing for G.O.s and delays/incidents?
  3. What equipment runs on the M? I have trouble telling all the NTT equipment apart. I always assumed M was also just R160 but 4 car consists instead.
  4. Saw an R160 on the s/b express platform of 42nd St at around 8:30PM just now. Lead car no. 9087 rear car no. 9022.
  5. What’s a free program I can use to edit a subway map? I want to make a “fantasy” map (parentheses on fantasy because I’m not making one of those ridiculous maps with lines spanning almost a hundred stops, just some ideas on deinterlining, changing some service patterns, a few modest extensions and one new trunk line). I used MS Paint to varied successes when I used a windows computer, but now I have a mac, so MS paint is no longer an option. Thanks!
  6. Just noticed that the R46 has much harsher lights than R68s.
  7. Is it known whether the R211A's might be assigned to relieve the R46's at Coney Island? Or are the R211's going to go to Jamaica and the R160's will return to Coney Island? Or is there really just no information on that yet?
  8. I've acknowledged that this is a dumb idea. Isn't this forum for fun? Lol yeah that would definitely make a lot more sense, and in the real world, I would actually like to see this over that . Could Culver handle 25 TPH from Bergen to Church? I don't know the maximum throughputs of the different lines.
  9. Yeah, sorry if it wasn't clear, but what I was implying is to use that middle track to turn the train around. Is that what you mean by lay up?
  10. From the operator/conductor perspective, is the 46 less enjoyable to operate than the 160?
  11. Separate post for a truly dumb idea: Rush hour only Church Avenue 7 Av Bergen St (since this is a dumb idea anyway, let's assume the lower platform is restored) Jay St-Metrotech High St Fulton St Chambers St-WTC Park Pl Turning around after Chambers St would require the T.O. to walk through the car from end to end though. But like I said. Dumb idea. For added dumbness, you can have the train terminate after 14 St by running up to the layaway track after 23 St and doing the same procedure. Again. Dumb. But possible!
  12. The idea is interesting. And adding an express stop to Sea Beach sounds good if it is feasible. Would Chambers need to have a control room added/restored to help trains turn around during non rush hour? Also, would the Mott St station be on Mott and Canal? Tunnel access to the Other Canal st Stations or OOS transfer? Edit: further question: is the demand for more south BK service to Lower Manhattan large enough to grant this renovation?
  13. This may have happened already in the 346 pages of this thread, but I didn't find anything in my search, so I'll ask here. What do people here think would be the best option to resolve the congestion issues at Dekalb? My understanding is that by having the 6 Av routes on the north manh bridge tracks and the Broadway routes on the south, there would be less (or no more at all) crossover/merging issues at Dekalb. I had this idea the other day, but I don't know if it makes sense, so I was hoping to have some holes poked in it: and [run the same in Manhattan in the Bronx]: runs the same as it does now runs as the does now. The and both take the express track at Dekalb. runs as it does now. runs as the does now on the Brighton Line. I don't see there being a huge issue with this, because Broadway and 6 Av have plenty of transfer opportunities and are already pretty close as it is. Would a rider from the Brighton line who works near Bryant Park be super inconvenienced to now have to get off at Times Sq? People riding from Sea Beach to Astoria or Brighton to the Bronx already had a pretty burdensome commute as is. I think the trade-off of less congestion-related delays makes up for the now-needed transfer. And, to add capacity, totally unrelated the DeKalb interchange, would it also make sense to run the Astoria to Bay Ridge and terminate the at 9 Av on the West End? I don't see a use in adding West End express service, especially now that a cleared up interchange will make West End service better to begin with.
  14. I kinda enjoy the R46 N. I live on the west end, but if I have extra time before school, I walk to 86 St to watch them leave the yard and crawl into 86 St. Then see the poster/ads crew swap out old ads with new ones. Through this, I learned that contractors replace ads (at least some of the time), which absolutely boggles the mind, but I guess the MTA has bigger fish to fry. The only downside to the R46 N's is that it no longer feels as special to catch the R68 N (which I haven't seen in forever anyway, does the N still have an R68? And is/was it an R68 or R68A? I still can't tell the difference without being told).
  15. Anyone know why so many CI-bound D trains skip 25 Av in the AM rush?
  16. Very cool photo set! That doesn't change the 24 TPH maximum of the WBurg though Question about terminating 12 J/Z TPH at Broad St: If 10 TPH were turned and 8 TPH put through, could Broad St turn and fumigate 12 TPH? Or would 2 or 3 TPH need be turned at Chambers? Alternatively, would the MTA ever put one or two trips through to Brooklyn, perhaps turning at 9 Av on the West End?
  17. Bloomberg and DeBlasio are both neoliberals... a capitalist far cry from communism or socialism. You can dislike both all you want, as do I, but the red-baiting is counterproductive and uneducated.
  18. S/b backed up out the wazoo today. MTA twitter only mentions an issue all the way up at 170 St. Can't believe something that far north has such an impact on the south brooklyn region. 2 's were fully packed (one ran exp. to Bay Parkway) and I could only get on the 3rd one which was fairly full but not a sardine can.
  19. How does the MTA choose which stations to give wifi? I noticed on Lex that 23, 28, 33 all have it yet 14 Union (arguably busier) doesn't. I'm sure there's way more to it though.
  20. On the line map you have Queens | Manhattan for the . Both the strip and full maps show Cortland... It's very light on the full map but it's there.
  21. Both the n/b AM and s/b PM rushes on the are much more crowded than the n/b AM or s/b PM on the so how come the is running to Bay Parkway and eventually 86 St on the instead of Bay Parkway on the ?
  22. A question for riders-- when the skips the stops in between 3 Av-149 St and E 180 St, does it go down White Plains to Nereid or to Dyre? I'm assuming Nereid since that's also the path of rush ext. trains but I never rode the in the Bronx
  23. I'm making this thread to gather clips or names of films, television shows, shorts, etc. that feature aspects of NYC mass transit as a meaningful setting. I'm inspired by the subway scene in La Haine (1996) [dir. Matthiue Kassovitz] and imagine seeing the subways and buses as a focal point to films made by NYC artists and youth. With filmmaking become more and more accessible, we're bound to start seeing the subway in film for what it is: the silver angel that brings so many NYC youths to and from everywhere they go - myself included. I'll add some of my own favorites later.
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