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  1. Anyone know who I can contact about not being invited to start the process?
  2. I’m like 1600 and still never got an OPA invite. Shit is a joke.
  3. Oh, nice. I got skipped for no reason. Life huh.
  4. Same. However, I took my HVAC test last week. There were only about 20 of us. The proctors said you either get a pass or a fail. If you pass, you get an email from Sterling, I guess for background stuff. After, you get an interview and then a PAT physical or something like that. They stated the whole process could take up to a year, but they didn’t mention any hiring freezes, nor did anyone ask.
  5. Is it free? Can I just walk in and get it printed right away? I need it by Friday morning. Hey, CrazyD. I haven’t taken any exams for MNR yet. The HVAC test is on Friday morning. I guess I’ll have no choice but to show them everything. The problem is remembering all of my jobs.
  6. I’m taking an exam with Metro North on Friday and the application that comes with it asks to put down an employment history for 10 years. Now, I’ve had many, many dead-end jobs since 2009 and I can’t even remember all of them. The only jobs I’ve kept track of are the ones on my resume (about 4 jobs). Can anyone shed some light and help me on this? Do you really need to put down every single job? I don’t know where to start. Please.
  7. Thank god I found this thread. Last night I received an invitation to come in and take a test for HVAC Technician with MNRR. Why did they invite me during a hiring freeze? The test is on the 25th of January. Does anyone know what I can expect from this test and the competitiveness level? It doesn't seem like many people are taking it, compared to other exams like Conductor 6601 (which I'm also under). Any information helps, guys! Thanks.
  8. That’s actually very good insight there, man. I really didn’t have any idea of how they do their exams but I think that wouldn’t be too unreasonable of them. I will make sure I polish up on my knowledge I learned in school last year and explore as much as I can at my current HVAC job. Thank you for your help, I appreciate it, truly.
  9. Hello, guys! Happy New Year! I received an email regarding the test for the position of HVAC Tech for the MNRR. In the email they asked me to call their office to confirm my future attendance and secure a spot for the test. I did not expect this email after all this time since I applied back in August of 2017 while I was still attending an HVAC trade school here in Florida. However, I called and secured my spot and will be flying out to NY for the January 25th test date. I'm extremely excited to fly back home for this potential job opportunity. With that being said, is anyone else on this boat? What will this exam be like? I'm on the list for Conductor 6601, Sanitation (been a couple years). Will the test be anything like a city a exam? If anyone has any information on this stuff, please, let me know on this thread or direct me to any existing thread, if any, regarding this HVAC Technician test for the Metro North. Thanks, guys! See you January 25th.
  10. When I asked about hilding my list number until I move back to NY. “The Employment Center calls applicants for processing as vacancies occur based on their list number. Once they reach your list number, you will receive a letter in the mail with a date and time to report to the Employment Center. The list number is good for 4 years from the date it started. List established 2/14/2018 Date exhausted 2/14/2022. If you are called to the Employment Center for the pre-employment process, and you miss your appointment, you will have to have your name restored to the list. Please keep in mind, you can only have your names restored if the list is active. Once it is exhausted, it is no longer used for hiring.”
  11. I’m really discouraged at the moment seeing how fast this is moving in relation to my situation. I’m still stuck in Florida until November when I graduate HVAC school. I’m #16xx and never received an OPA invite and even if I did, I wouldn’t be able to fly back to NY yet. My plan was to move back to NY by the time they reached 16xx but it seems they already passed me.
  12. Nooo way....I’m 16xx and I haven’t even been invited to the OPA.
  13. From the looks of it, they spread pieces of paper with our names on them on the floor, then they have a midget covered in honey roll over those pieces of paper, then they have another blindfolded midget take the names off of the other midget’s body and that’s how they get our names. I’m 16xx...no OPA invite.
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