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  1. If Coney Island is serious about fixing the R46 signs, then this should be much less of a problem once they get to working on more of them.
  2. Exactly. To me it looks like the and reliability was awful even when they were >80% R160s. So unless the swap seems to correlate with significantly worse results, it isn't really anything to focus on.
  3. I would personally love for the Sea Beach express tracks to be put into service, but let's not make riders' commutes much more miserable to accommodate an extra low-demand service.
  4. If you mean the "door problem" tweet, I read all the comments and exactly zero of them contained a complaint specifically about the R46s. The average commuter simply doesn't care about the type of car; they simply want to get to their destination. You really need to grow up and stop spamming the forum with the same nonsensical complaint. If the R46s piss you off that much, fine, nobody's forcing you to deal with them. It should be no problem for you to make the leisurely 7 minute walk to the Q102 bus, which will transport you to any of the or lines, which all use (mostly) R160s.
  5. That's great to hear. I saw an to Rockaway Park last week where the first 4 cars had broken signs, and I thought, how are people supposed to know this is the Rockaway Park special if they aren't looking at the countdown clock / app, or have the schedule memorized? Now let's hope that the signs don't break as quickly as they are fixed.
  6. Wow, this might actually be the most stupid thing I've read all day. And that's saying a lot, considering I've been keeping up with the posts in this thread.
  7. The point was, the 4-lane solution is no better than simply integrating the busway into the existing intersection without closing any roads (as I detailed above). That certainly has a benefit in its simplicity, but in this case, nothing would be gained from closing the segment of Fairview. When the Fairview traffic has the green light, they could either turn onto Putnam or continue to Forest without any issues. So if you want to simplify the intersection by closing Putnam, Fairview should be kept fully intact.
  8. In general, Rockaway peninsula stations seem to have very outdated signage. Far Rockaway still has signs directing people to the Q22A.
  9. The IRT one is the above 42nd Street. Also, maybe it's just me, but it seems very rare that anyone refers to the between Marcy Av and Broadway Junction as a BMT Broadway Line.
  10. That doesn't really make it much better. Unless you have the outer lanes be opposite directions from the inner lanes, Putnam and Fairview Avenue traffic will still have to cross paths. Additionally, the bus stops would barely have space for a single 40 footer in each direction. Looking at the area in more detail, the El widens west of the intersection to accommodate the island platform. So there's enough room for the bus stops under the Forest Avenue station, and then you can add an intersection between the busway and Forest Avenue. The green light cycles can be as follows: 1. Forest Avenue (at Busway & Fairview) & Putnam Avenue (at Fairview) 2. Busway (at Forest & Fairview), Fairview (at Forest) 3. Fairview Avenue (at Busway & Forest), Busway (at Forest) If the greens occurred in that order, cars wouldn't back up and block the Busway intersections.
  11. I don't really remember what was done for service changes, but it probably wasn't too different from today where sometimes trains run local or trains run express. You could still tell the and apart, because they didn't share cars. The local had R68s, the express had R40s.
  12. Because the El goes diagonally through the street grid for a bit, the intersection at Putnam & Fairview & Forest Avenues seems like it's going to be a proper mess to create a traffic signal pattern for. The El pillars and the small park in the middle don't make it any easier, either. And then there's the question of where to put the actual bus stops. There isn't enough room under the El for them, and the buses are too long to stop in the footprint of that small park if it were to be removed. So the buses will most likely need to awkwardly swing around to stop at the existing B20 stop (westbound) and Q58 stop (eastbound).
  13. I personally appreciate that. It reminds me of the real with its R40s, from way back in 2001-4.
  14. That's actually pretty good. Seems like the AM trips get delayed less than the PM ones.
  15. I rode the train from Euclid to Beach 36th and then from Far Rockaway to Nostrand; it was quite a nice time. It's awesome that they made it a proper event instead of some random unannounced run. Huge thanks as well to the Transit Museum for getting the old-style rollsign stickers made; that was a really nice touch. It's honestly great that the 50 final R42s survived 11 years after the rest of the fleet (and all the R40s) were scrapped. This allowed many more people to have the experience of riding this style of subway car, compared to retiring the entire fleet back in 2009.
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