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  1. P3F

    MTA Snowmaggadon!

    I'm glad I didn't need to use transit after about 1 pm.
  2. I mean, yeah. The Sea Beach rehab is equivalent to fixing a rusted wall by covering it with stickers. Want to know how the Sea Beach stations should look? Check out Parkside Avenue. Same exact platform and canopy design, but rehabbed by the just 20 years earlier. The only areas where they seem to be doing a good job are the station houses, stairs, 8th Avenue, and the northbound platform at Ft. Hamilton Parkway.
  3. I'm still confused about why this agency treats waterproofing as a foreign concept rather than something they should actively be working on.
  4. P3F

    Museum Car Discussion Thread

    They can still preserve an SIR R44 and hook it up to the NYCT one (assuming they're mechanically compatible).
  5. P3F

    R179 Discussion Thread

    I do believe that the going to 480 feet is pretty much a given. Almost everything else is just speculation, though.
  6. P3F

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    Why can't the tracks simply run straight between Canal and Chambers Streets? Four tracks at Canal, four tracks at Chambers. How hard can it be to connect them properly?
  7. The Culver El express feels like it actually moves quickly. Can't say the same for the West End express, though.
  8. P3F

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Those RTS buses with coach seats were sometimes on the B1 in the 2000s. Not sure exactly what years, but I definitely got buses like that on two or three separate occasions.
  9. While reading this, I thought to myself "oh cool, they're actually putting in the effort to improve the system!" Then I read the last line.
  10. I suspect this is not about that at all.
  11. Does anyone actually remember the details of Cuomo's plan? He'd make the FDR above the Brooklyn Bridge not part of the scheme, which means it would be stuffed 24/7 by people trying to leave Brooklyn/Queens/Long Island without paying tolls. So you can say goodbye to any reliable express bus service on that road. Expanding the HOV lane network would be a much more worthwhile task than congestion pricing, which will have a minimal effect upon traffic volumes on average Manhattan streets, considering the amount of Taxi/Uber/Lyft and commercial vehicles that currently use them, and would continue using them regardless of congestion pricing. Congestion pricing could be tolerable if the Whitestone/Throgs Neck/RFK & Staten Island bridges become toll-free. But the TBTA (MTA Bridges & Tunnels) and the PA would never agree to do that.
  12. And that's part of why congestion pricing is ridiculous... It'll just be another stream of money for the to waste, paid for by adding yet another fee onto all the other ones.
  13. Well, there goes the one chance that Ballpark station had of getting reactivated. And by one, I mean none whatsoever.


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