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  1. P3F

    2017 Bus Ridership Stats

    Nice to see the B37 getting more riders.
  2. 96 Street-2 Avenue: 84/422 combined 86 Street-2 Avenue: 49/422 combined 72 Street-2 Avenue: 40/422 combined Link: http://web.mta.info/nyct/facts/ridership/#chart_s
  3. P3F

    2038 Subway Map

    That's not too far. If the bus stop is an 8 minute walk, start walking to it 11 minutes before the bus comes, and your wait will be minimal.
  4. P3F

    2038 Subway Map

    An alright pipe dream would be to run it under the canal and build a terminal under Oriental Boulevard, but that would probably cost much more money than it's worth.
  5. P3F

    2038 Subway Map

    Just stop, lmao. This discussion has been beaten to death and you are adding nothing new. Whatever happened to this?
  6. P3F

    2038 Subway Map

    The Q114 already serves the areas that your Far Rockaway Line extension would have stations in. If you're serious about improving your own commute, use BusTime to judge when you should leave home so that the bus comes soon after you get to the nearest bus stop.
  7. P3F

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    I guess we'll have to leave this as a disagreement, then. This "station consolidation" is about as likely to happen as Wallyhorse's proposed from Chambers Street to Bay Ridge, so there's no point in wasting more breath on it. Assuming the Williamsburg Bridge is resignalled to allow more than 24 trains per hour, the and can be increased to run more than 12 TPH each. Which line should be increased in that case? The would be the logical answer, since it goes to Midtown, but it has many merges in Manhattan and Queens, and could exacerbate delays in those areas unless certain switches are upgraded to allow for higher-speed operation. The doesn't have any convenient short-turn locations besides Broadway Junction, and terminating the additional trains there would almost defeat the purpose of increasing service. Assuming Jamaica Center can only turn 12 TPH, the extra service would have to terminate at Crescent Street or 111th Street, both of which would require fumigation with current operating procedures, thus also increasing the potential for delays.
  8. P3F

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    That's the point. The isn't in a position where it can spend massive amounts of money on projects with minimal benefits, when there are plenty of more important improvements to make. 500 feet for a transfer passageway isn't short, but it is by far the least expensive (and quickest) way to allow riders access to the and , and it will be of similar length to various other transfers that already exist.
  9. P3F

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Right, spend a ton of money on something that will save neither money nor time in the long run.
  10. P3F

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Except for the fact that completely demolishing two stations and building a new one from scratch is in a completely different league from adding 60 feet to a platform, in terms of scope and cost. And is it even necessary to consolidate these stations? Absolutely not. Any time saved by trains would be minimal, and cost savings from less required maintenance are laughable as well. It's simply a ridiculous proposal. Regarding the transfer, build a passageway from Hewes & Broadway to Montrose & Union. That will connect the eastern end of Hewes Street to the center of Broadway , and the distance covered is fairly manageable.
  11. In general, 6th Avenue between West 3rd Street and West 9th Street is a haven for the homeless.
  12. Prior to the bus stops with subway connections, the screens should show countdown clocks for the station. It wouldn't even require anything on the subway department's end, since there are feeds that can be tapped into. Of course, this can be disabled in areas where it's not generally needed, such as near Times Square and Penn Station.
  13. P3F

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Huh, so is that why R68 expresses are beat off the line by R160 locals? The practice seems a bit counter-intuitive, but I'm sure there's a bunch of details I'm not aware of.
  14. P3F

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    Whenever somebody proposes extending the through Montague and into southern Brooklyn, it's usually met with the response of "but the doesn't go where people want to go, in Manhattan." Does the go where people want to go? Sure, it goes to Midtown. However, the takes 10 minutes longer to get there from Brooklyn (Atlantic/DeKalb) than the and , both of which are accessible by cross-platform transfers. In addition, there are other transfers available to the and lines in Brooklyn. As a result of this, most riders who originate at an station transfer to another line instead of staying on to Midtown. So... by the same logic, so what if the doesn't go where people want to go? It has connections to the and below Canal Street, and would connect to the and if extended through Montague. People could use the extended service in the same way the is used today - the first seat of a two-seat ride. It has been discussed many times why one-seat rides for everybody are not possible, and it's not like passengers won't touch anything other than a one-seat ride. This all doesn't really help in the near future, since the will likely be extended via Montague during the shutdown, and extending the wouldn't be great in that situation. This was just something to deflect the argument that the shouldn't be extended because it "doesn't go where people want to go". That is all.
  15. P3F

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Maybe it's an illusion, but in the past week I've gotten the feeling that R160s move faster via Brighton Express than R68s. I know the R68s accelerate more slowly, but is there any reason for the NTTs to be running faster on the line after getting up to speed?


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