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  1. Damn, the line between WTC and Cortlandt is long. They should swap the positions of the Cortlandt Street station and the FINANCIAL DISTRICT text, so that it doesn't look like everything is really far from everything else.
  2. And yet, there is still no official announcement or media coverage of the new connections.
  3. On the Times Square shuttle, they tend to sit in a corner and scream for money without actually going anywhere for hours. Other than during the summer months, the Rockaway Park shuttle has such low ridership that any homeless person clueless enough to try and panhandle on it would have barely any listeners at all.
  4. The article said he took the from Grand Central to work (Bowling Green, presumably.) If he lives in the Grand Central area, then it's a fairly simple commute on paper; just the or for five stations. He also might have taken Metro North to Grand Central. That being said, the and are problematic at this time, between overcrowding and trains running too infrequenly. Maybe he will see the issues and push for a solution of some sort.
  5. Various non-ESI stations (such as Cortlandt Street on the R/W) have additional clocks on the platforms and in mezzanines.
  6. Which subway car do you prefer?

    On the B division, I prefer the R46s and R68s for long outdoor journeys, since they have perpendicular seats from which you can look out the window. Underground, my favorite cars would have to be the R32s, simply due to the "cool factor", followed by the R143/160/179s. I don't have a preference between the current IRT cars; anything that runs and is clean is fine.
  7. Not going to lie, at some outdoor stations like Kings Highway on the Brighton I feel like the yellow ADA strip is the most slippery part of the platform... It's just plastic with some bumps & ridges; I can't see it actually being engineered to not be slippery when wet. I'd much rather stand on the concrete, which at least doesn't feel like you'll slip and fall if you step too quickly.
  8. The platform's tiles were quite slippery when I was there a few weeks ago.
  9. Canarsie Shutdown fleet swap thread

    Holy crap, this is stupid. If you were trying to make a point, you failed miserably.
  10. It's just not something that crossed our minds, I guess. We were tired after a long bus trip and had various luggage, so it wouldn't have seemed to be a great idea at the time.
  11. A family member and I recently took the on a Sunday afternoon from Grand Central to Atlantic Avenue. The first car we got into had two homeless people, and smelled awful. It was too late to switch cars, so we had to deal with the stench until Union Square. The next car had one homeless person, and another guy who had a big bag of trash, so it also reeked. It wasn't until Brooklyn Bridge that we were able to sit down in a car that didn't smell awful. After we got off at Atlantic Avenue, she said that we should have taken the to the instead of the dump train.
  12. LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    You mean Woodhaven Junction?
  13. R188 Discussion Thread

    If the MTA wasn't being cheap, they would have installed a full color LCD for the number designation, which would properly display or instead of the red and green nonsense.
  14. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    I looked at it out of curiosity, and funnily enough, it appears they actually forgot to demolish part of the platform. Check it out here: https://www.google.com/maps/@40.8550228,-73.8949535,3a,60y,305.3h,76.82t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sg1OOBdAS-A1k02aRESvhWQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  15. East 177th Street is coming back

    I was there a few days ago, and the platform & pillar signs all said "5 Av - Bryant Park."


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