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  1. This is a good way to make express bus trips more consistent, as the FDR is quite unreliable in terms of traffic flow.
  2. East of East 16th Street: makes sense. East 16th Street to Coney Island Av: I'm not the biggest fan of this plan, but if the community wants the bus lanes, I'd respect that. If they don't, they should speak up against them as was done on Kings Highway. Coney Island Av to Ocean Pkwy: The bus lanes are undoubtedly needed here due to the large amount of buses on this stretch, unless services are rerouted. Also, I believe the B103 should be considered for a reroute in the area, as its route doesn't seem to be the most logical one.
  3. I think we might be talking about different plans. I thought there was an old proposal to connect the PATH at 9th Street to the at Astor Place. Connecting the WTC branch to the at City Hall would make a lot more sense, but I'd still be concerned about the reliability of a Newark to Pelham Bay Park route that has to deal with interlining.
  4. Wouldn't combining the with the PATH be detrimental to both the and PATH? Considering the fact that it would simply be a connection between the two lines without any capacity being added, it would reduce capacity on the PATH north of 9th Street and on the south of wherever the connection would have been.
  5. The ADA accessibility at Avenue H could get complicated if they're required to have an ADA accessible connection between the two platforms. If that's not required, then it simply becomes a question of where exactly to put the northbound ramp.
  6. Thanks for making a completely unconstructive post that adds nothing to the discussion.
  7. That's not an excuse to completely ignore the line when considering connections to stations it serves. Is there demand for higher frequency to the connections at Kings Plaza? If there isn't, then individuals can simply take the Q35. It's not like Sheepshead Bay is a transit desert, either. You have the B4, B36, and B49 right at the station, and the B68 a few blocks away. I was checking TripPlanner, which (supposedly) is based on the schedules anyway. Have you actually looked at the bus map before saying this? To repeat what I said earlier, you have the B4, B36, and B49 right at the station, and the B68 a few blocks away. If a "subway shuttle" inadvertently connects to all those, then maybe it isn't really a subway shuttle? I never said that I believe this new bus route is actually a good idea. I don't think the demand exists for an entire route to be created; the best solution (in my opinion) is to improve B2 service, and make the Q35 (northbound) stop inside the Kings Plaza terminal lanes so that connections are easier.
  8. The from Flatbush to Chambers is listed as taking 38 minutes, not 30. I'm also not sure why you only considered the and omitted the (which is 5-6 minutes faster to the shared track segment). I also don't believe Sheepshead Bay via Kings Plaza would be the fastest route. Westbound the bus could use the Belt Parkway from Flatbush Avenue straight to Exit 8, and terminate a few feet away at the entrance to the subway (probably behind the B4/B49 stop). Going in the other direction would be a bit more complicated, but is still doable.
  9. Rush hours, yes. But on weekends, other than running an express via the local, the easiest way to give Queens Blvd local more service is to extend the to serve the local stops (and therefore provide transfer options). It would be a shorter extension than the and it would remain OPTO, unlike the which would need to be full length (think of how ridiculous it would be to send a 240 foot train up 6th Avenue). Of course, extending the is favorable in other regards, as it would be more convenient for riders, and it would eliminate the confusion associated with a weekends-only extension.
  10. Same reason why extending a Nassau Street line to Bay Ridge would help the 4th Avenue local a lot, even though the extended line wouldn't be the fastest way to get to Midtown. Anyway, it's good to see that car deliveries are progressing fine. Hopefully there's no more major holdups.
  11. Honestly, I don't think it would've really mattered. The kind of people driving to Manhattan as an alternative to the are most likely already paying a ton to park in Manhattan, so the congestion charge would just be minor hindrance to them. As for Ubers, their congestion charge is already active.
  12. There was no need to put effort into changing the old signage, at all. Half of the pillar signs already said "8 Street", and there are huge tiled signs on the walls displaying "8 STREET". Also, I'd imagine tourists would focus on the number "8", which is universal across many languages rather than the spelling of the word "Street", which varies greatly by language.
  13. If you ever paid attention to the signage in 8th Street station, you might have noticed that until recently, there were two types of pillar signs - tall ones saying 8 Street on two lines, and short ones saying 8 St. A bit of time ago, they covered the short 8 St signs with stickers that mimic the taller signs. So, let's see. The MTA spent money on: - Creating the new "8 Street" stickers. - Sending workers to 8th Street station. - The workers putting up the stickers. And multiply this by the amount of stations that received this treatment. 8th Street is just a single example. And the end result is... signage that isn't any better than what was there previously. Who asked for this? Why is the spending money on useless items such as this, when their financial situation is always seen as unstable? Photos:
  14. Hopefully, the FDR bus lane is limited to rush hours only, although it still seems like a recipe for disaster.

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