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  1. Happened to me once on a at Carroll Street. All the other stations had the normal procedure.
  2. Today's first PM Express (5:10 from W 4 St) was sent local from Jay Street (5:27) because, according to the C/R, "our follower is way behind us". Checking Subway Time, the next is 10 minutes away. I know it's logical to do, but I still feel ripped off.
  3. If you want to give the truncated access to the , the only change that needs to be made is extending the southbound platform at Botanic Garden. The would then run on a single track between Franklin Avenue and Botanic Garden. Of course, the main problem is that neither Botanic Garden nor the connection to the are ADA accessible. So either you would still need to run shuttle buses, or you'd have to figure out how to make the complex accessible. I think you could get away with installing 2 ramps and 2 elevators, but even that would significantly add to the project's cost.
  4. Maybe the design is more aerodynamic? The BMT tested a vaguely similar shape back in their day with some of the multi-section cars:
  5. Honestly, the AM rush trains that come in from Coney Island Yard should pick passengers up at Coney Island, W 8 St, and Ocean Parkway. Ridership is not incredibly heavy at those stations, so it would not add a significant amount of time to those trips. This would be similar to the morning trips stopping at Sea Beach stations on their way to the line's normal route.
  6. SIR does single tracking for a decent portion of their G/Os; they can get away with it due to their 30 minute headways (except during rush hours, when you're not scheduling any G/Os anyway). Also, the cab signalling certainly helps.
  7. That would be a counterproductive reason for the DOT, since they've installed a multitude of speed cameras on Kings Highway. Thank goodness for Waze showing their locations, at the very least.
  8. The B82 Select Bus doesn't even run on weekends, much less 24/7. For those bus lanes, anything more than 7AM-9AM and 4PM-7PM is overkill.
  9. Interesting how on some weekends it runs to 125th Street, while on others it goes to 145th Street.
  10. The southbound uses a yard lead during the AM rush to avoid sharing trackage with the at E 180 St. (I don't actually ride the line in the AM rush, but I remember that being noted in some thread several years ago.)
  11. There is a provision under 59th Street for a second island platform.
  12. I would be surprised. During the majority of rush hours, DeKalb junction does not add a perceivable delay to runtime, beyond needing to stop at Myrtle. Even if something has to merge up ahead (which is not usually the case) that's usually no more than a minute or two added. So, in my opinion, riders would simply see it as reducing convenience for no perceived benefit.
  13. It's not really that ridiculous, because it's simply the most convenient setup for riders on the BMT branches based on ridership patterns.
  14. I've seen one of the platform screens at West 4th Street show an upscaled version of one of the service change posters on the columns.
  15. I ride the most weekdays, and for the vast majority of trips these past weeks, I haven't noticed any slowdowns (except when there's planned work). Generally it's been going as fast as it usually does.
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