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  1. Has there actually been calls to shut down the subway? I don't have a need for it right now since I don't go into Manhattan anymore, but I still don't think it would make any sense to shut it down. There's still plenty of hospitals, grocery stores, take out restaurants, gas stations, and other businesses whose workers rely on the transit system, and shutting down the subway would make the situation much worse than it currently is. Edit: I posted this before reading which thread it was in. This is somewhat off topic, so I apologize for not noticing.
  2. I don't mean pedestrian conflicts in the specific way of turning cars having to give way to pedestrians. At a broader scope, funneling more cars through an at grade intersection creates a higher probability of a crash with a pedestrian, than if the same cars were bypassing the intersection. It's why you never hear of pedestrians getting hit by cars on the Belt Parkway -- there aren't any opportunities for such a conflict to happen. Sure, Union Turnpike east of the interchange may be two lanes in each direction, but there are also the highway ramps which add two lanes (and are well utilized). I also don't see what's wrong with the turn lanes. Three of them might look excessive on a map, but if they get filled up during rush hours, they are serving their purpose.
  3. What would be the maximum estimated capacity of the Broadway Line between City Hall and Cortlandt Street, with and without CBTC?
  4. Dedicating four lanes to a single bus route would be quite excessive. A single bus lane (westbound) would solve the merging issue. Have it be active during PM rush hour and maybe AM rush & middays if traffic conditions warrant it. Part of the benefit of the underpass is that Union Turnpike thru-traffic doesn't deal with any pedestrians. Forcing all cars to cross Queens Blvd. at grade would cause unnecessary congestion and potential car-pedestrian conflicts.
  5. I'm not sure where I read this, maybe Wikipedia, but apparently those exits used to be car drop-off areas; they were closed due to the delays caused by cars merging back onto the road. In theory, it wouldn't be too complicated to convert the westbound one into a bus stop. It's hard to judge size from Google Street View, but you could probably fit 2 to 4 buses into the area, arranged into bays. Q46 buses would pull in, drop off, pick up, and then pull out. Then, turn onto the other side of Union Turnpike at Park Lane, stop at the Q37 stop for bus connections, and continue along the normal route. In practice, it is doubtful the underground area could contain enough buses to make this operation work well, given the Q46's frequency.
  6. The switch layout at 33rd Street PATH (a three track terminal) is much more compact than the one in Flushing, which in theory should increase capacity by reducing the time trains need to traverse the interlocking. However, I do not ride PATH often, so I don't know if it works well in practice.
  7. Next: It's a nice Tuesday evening (around 7 pm) and you want to go from Kensington (Ft. Hamilton Pkwy & McDonald Ave) to Domino Park (Kent Ave & S 5 St). Your options are: - Take the B67 to the last stop, and walk. - Take the B110 to the last stop, and walk. Assume both buses will come in a few minutes, so headways aren't a consideration. Part 2: You've enjoyed your time and want to get home now. Since it is now 12 am, your options are different. You can: - Take the to the and take that to Ft. Hamilton Pkwy. - Walk to the and take it to Ft. Hamilton Pkwy. How do you get home?
  8. I have absolutely no clue what the first part of the journey would entail, but I wouldn't touch the last 3 options with a ten foot pole based on how many transfers they include. Of the remaining options, the first one is simply ridiculous. Like, seriously look at where you actually go. To make the final decision, I believe the BM5 to Q52 is a better bet than the BM1 to Q35, although they might be close. So I would say the best option is the second one in the full list.
  9. - Skipping the local stations between Church Ave and Kings Highway would be counterproductive, as part of the target market for the is those local stations. - I believe Coney Island doesn't have enough terminal capacity. You could probably relay some trains south of Avenue X on the yard leads, but I think that's about all you could do in terms of increasing frequency south of Kings Hwy.
  10. This sounds very similar to the intermittent closures that have already been happening during weekend suspensions of the El. Hopefully the interlocking mods are done in a way that facilitates service improvements, such as extending some 's to 18th Avenue (Ditmas Interlocking) as well as more flexibility for the (Ave X Interlocking).
  11. Looks like some R160 cars on the still have "FOREST HILLS-71" programmed for the exterior signs. I wonder if they will update them to say "FOREST HILLS-71 AV" like the cars do now.
  12. In that case, wouldn't the B83 have issues as well? Or is its stint on the Belt Parkway too short to matter?
  13. If Coney Island is serious about fixing the R46 signs, then this should be much less of a problem once they get to working on more of them.
  14. Exactly. To me it looks like the and reliability was awful even when they were >80% R160s. So unless the swap seems to correlate with significantly worse results, it isn't really anything to focus on.
  15. I would personally love for the Sea Beach express tracks to be put into service, but let's not make riders' commutes much more miserable to accommodate an extra low-demand service.
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