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  1. Looks like service should be expanded if anything. There's clearly the demand for service in Little Neck and along Northern Boulevard. I bet they could attract even more ridership if they added 3rd Avenue service or threw a super express or two into the mix.
  2. Yeah same on Queens Boulevard. Sadly, I don't think Vision Zero and its subsequent DOT changes will go away any time soon.
  3. I know the actual goal of the plan is to curb pedestrian deaths, but that aside, the Boulevard doesn't need to be closed to traffic, it doesn't even need a bus lane. All they need to do speed up service on that corridor is sync up the traffic lights at all times and more importantly enforce the no standing zones on the eastern lanes for the PM rush. 95% of the slowdowns on Northern are due to double parked cars or trucks unloading when they shouldn't even be there in the first place. If that right lane was kept clear, buses would be able to cruise up the right lane and they could go from Queens Plaza to the Whitestone Expressway in 15 minutes. That would be better than putting buses back on the LIE where they'd have to sit in traffic from Van Dam Street all the way until they get on the Van Wyck.
  4. Does anyone know why College Point drivers love to take out the old 2XXX express buses? I’ve noticed multiple drivers prefer to take these buses on their trips every day. I’ve had the same guy for two picks in a row and he does both my morning and even express trip and he ALWAYS takes an old bus.
  5. If anything you would think they would try to attract more ridership by expanding service to Wall Street or 3rd Avenue because that's how you can peel away some riders who take the LIRR. I bet there would be more people willing to take a cheaper, more convenient commute to those areas in lieu of taking the railroad and then getting on another subway train and vice versa, especially in the morning.
  6. It looks like the tide is swelling in Northeast Queens. Cuts to service spans like the ones proposed are outrageous. What's the logic in curtailing Union Turnpike buses to as far as 188th Street on Saturdays? Wouldn't it just make more sense to run the QM6 or a modified combined version of the QM5 and QM6 on weekends so that service can continue for people who live in Glen Oaks, Oakland Gardens, and Lake Success? I see that there is now a delay on Bronx implementation which is great news for those residents. My only concern is that all of this noise in Queens is going to just blow up the entire express bus redesign altogether. I like the majority of the proposed routes and think they'll expand service to areas that need it and speed up commutes for people with some tweaking, but the cuts themselves are egregious and the MTA needs to know that it's NOT okay to turn these buses into commuter only peak service. Even the spread of service seems strange in that the majority of service is early in the morning to get people to work before 8am and the majority of service to get people back to Queens really picks up at 5:30pm. Meanwhile I consistently see 3:30 and 4pm buses that have adequate ridership on lines like the QM7 and the QM25, it really boggles my mind why they think it's okay to slash service the way they did.
  7. With the MTA claiming to be broke along with the new campaign to decrease fare-beating, I don't see how it would be a good idea for the MTA to proceed with all-door boarding unless they want to just admit that fare-beating doesn't really matter much when it comes to the overall operations budget. By getting rid of the bus driver watching you dip a card, there will only be more of an incentive not to pay. The problem is only going to get worse if you take away more and more deterrents and let people go on the honor system. OMNY isn't going to bring in more revenue because it doesn't address the problem of fare-beating. People don't fare-beat because it's too inconvenient to pay the fare, they do it because they either can't afford it or don't respect the ethics of society.
  8. With these cuts and new frequencies, it seems very clear that the MTA wants to turn these buses into peak commuter buses only. I don't understand how you can have 1 hour headways between 4 and 5pm for a lot of these buses. And what happens when a run goes missing? Do these people now have to wait for a 5pm bus in the middle of rush hour? The good news is, there won't be too many more missing trips, because these new runs are going to take so long that B/Os won't have the time to deadhead back to the city for a 2nd PM trip. I know for a fact that Middle Village and Glendale will be going crazy over the loss of service and the loss of some of their friends from Glendale and Fresh Pond due to the route split. People need to start screaming and hollering over the new QM25 route over there. Taking the bus off the LIE and FDR to put it on local roads that have lots of traffic on them make no sense. The idea to put stops in Williamsburg make no sense either. That area is filled with young people who live with 4 roommates to split a $3500 rent, they move there specifically for how cool it is and how close it is to the L train, these people aren't working 9 to 5 jobs on Wall Street and they don't have disposable income to be getting on an express bus that will take longer to get to the city from where they are already.
  9. For the PM 6th Avenue run I would rather them go down 5th or 7th to get back to the Midtown Tunnel. I don't think 57th is much better than 59th Street and having buses go down Thompson and Van Dam to get to the LIE just seems unnecessary. Traffic from the Midtown Tunnel to the BQE almost always moves quickly, where as the upper level of the bridge gets backed up to make the left turn onto Thompson Ave and Van Dam can backed up too that now every bus in the city will be making left turns onto it to get to the LIE. AS far as putting buses back on the LIE to the Van Wyck, all I'll say is there's a reason why the Super express drivers take the BQE and Astoria Blvd back to Whitestone as opposed to staying on the LIE all the way. I'm thrilled to get downtown service to Whitestone, but who thought it was a good idea to have all of these buses merge onto the BQE in the morning from the LIE? Did anyone get in a car and try and take these routes in the morning? The BQE exit backs up onto the LIE, it's the reason why traffic on the LIE never clears up until after you get past Maurice Park. In contrast the LIE HOV lane to the FDR is virtually smooth sailing in the morning. By the time the buses would actually merge onto the BQE - before even going over the Koschuisko bridge - downtown buses could be coming out of the tunnel and making their way to the FDR for a quick 5 minute ride down the FDR instead of going over the Williamsburg bridge and then sitting in traffic trying to make left turns onto Bowery.
  10. I think a lot of people are gonna be unhappy with these changes.
  11. This would be great, especially if they are planning to get rid of the Q38 as is. It would provide much needed coverage for a large portion of the area around Juniper Valley Park, even on the North side, to get to either the 7 train or the M train.
  12. I don’t get why the MTA doesn’t advertise for the express buses. They have no problem advertising bridge repairs for the LIRR, subway stations getting art murals, Game of Thrones printed Metrocards... What is it to post even on Instagram or even in subway cars like “want quick and reliable service on the weekends? Take the express bus, be in the heart of midtown in as little as 30 minutes” or something like that.
  13. There was a Bronx Bus Redesign web open house last Thursday the 12th where Bronx riders expressed concern over commutes that would require more than 1 transfer to which Byford replied they would look into those routes and accommodate riders accordingly because technology could be loaded onto MetroCard to account for the extra transfer or bus drivers would issue paper transfers. He basically went as far as to promise no one would have to pay two fares to get to work with this new redesign.
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