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  1. You really think there's a chance they'd expand QM3 service? Any idea if those 6 runs a day get good usage? I think the QM5 would benefit from turning right on 188th, keeping the 73rd Ave and 186th Ln, 64 Ave, and Horace Harding Stops and then going nonstop to the city via the LIE/Service Road to give the people in Glen Oaks some relief from having to pick up on Union Turnpike and go back up to the LIE via Queens Boulevard. Then the QM6 would just keep the regular routing and pick up on Union and go via Queens Blvd. You would only lose service at the 188th/75th Ave stop, and honestly, I could see that stop being cut because it's a short walk to 73rd or Union Turnpike which are the next closest stops. The problem with these Southeast Queens runs are that they are just so far from the city and there's so much traffic over there too. The Van Wyck always is bumper to bumper, and then these buses have to crawl up Queens Boulevard. It could easily take upwards of 2 hours to get back to SE Queens on a normal night.
  2. I wonder what the redesign will bring for the QM1. If they're looking to cut service, they'll probably chop these runs to 2 or 3 hours peak and expand QM5s to run via Fresh Meadows.
  3. I'm sure there's gonna be plenty of cuts to express buses outside of the AM and PM peak periods. I wish the MTA would consider running downtown express buses up Pike Slip to the Williamsburg bridge to the BQE for the PM runs back to Queens. I've been looking at traffic over the past few weeks and the BQE northbound is surprisingly not bad. It would save some time and avoid drivers having to take the upper road on the LIE which is always slower than the lower roadway.
  4. I'm curious to see ultimately how much faster the new BxM2 and BxM18 routes will be since they're supposedly more direct. I'm not sure how great ridership was up around Mt Sinai but it sucks those people have to hoof it over to Lex now for service from Riverdale.
  5. Is anyone else enjoying this brisk "Mid-October" day? Maybe the MTA is gonna release the plan on Halloween so that we can get a nice scare.p>
  6. Yeah, all things being equal, you’re better off taking the 6th Avenue bus, it’s about 15 minutes faster. The downtown loop takes around the same amount of time as the 6th ave pick ups except when you’re done with 6th ave you can jump right on the bridge to Queens where as the downtown buses stil have to go up the FDR and get to the tunnel which just eats up more time. The only time it actually pays to take the downtown bus is if you do in fact work downtown by its stops.
  7. Shouldn't be much longer that we'll get the finalized Bronx Redesigns. I'm curious to see if the MTA has made any changes.
  8. Just got on the 3:45pm QM2 heading back to Whitestone. This bus must be on loan from LaGuardia, 3303. We’re turning onto 59th Street from 6th.
  9. I saw your post in the Facebook group. I appreciate it. He’s an older white guy, definitely seems like he’s had some time on. He does the 6:55am and 3:45pm QM7 runs. My wife took him this morning and said he used another bus with a working GPS, 31XX I think. We’ll see what happens this afternoon. While I’m on a hot streak, what’s the process for alerting MTA to looking at schedule changes. I remember talking with 7-express about the 5:45am Qm2/20 runs being packed and how they would benefit from an earlier bus. I know that he’ll would have freeze over before the MTA added another bus, but what about playing with the start times to shift the first few buses 20 minutes apart instead of 15 minutes. This way you’d have a 5:30, a 5:50, a 6:10, a 6:30, and then resume the regular schedule instead of 5:45, 6:00, 6:15, and 6:30. I took the QM2 this morning and I think all of only 2 seats were filled.
  10. I can't complain so far this week. My 3:45 QM7 has been zooming up the FDR when in past years I remember extensive delays to get to the Midtown Tunnel. As a side note, what your guys' opinion on a bus driver who purposely takes a bus that doesn't have a working GPS tracker. The way this pick worked out, I have the same driver in the morning and at night and he constantly picks the same bus (2824) for all his runs. He knows the gps tracker doesn't work because multiple people have said things to him over the course of the week and he plays dumb. He's always on time so I can't complain, but it just seems ridiculous to take the bus out, especially considering he is constantly raising the bus kneel anytime we come to a stop (I guess the right front of the bus will sag down as he's driving?)
  11. I don't use these buses anymore since I moved to Whitestone. I know some residents and business owners are against the bus lane. From what I had read of the proposal it would be a southbound only lane for PM use. I think this is a good idea and don't really see much harm in putting this lane in and making it effective from 4pm to 7pm so that express buses and local buses can be quicker during the rush hours. The PM trips can take 30-45 minutes to get from the first drop off on Eliot Ave and 85th to the last stop in Glendale because of this brutal stretch on Fresh Pond Road. I can't really speak for the local buses, but the AM express buses seem to do a good job of sticking to the schedule so I really don't think there's a need for a morning lane. I think a bus lane active during the week from 4 to 7 that would be parking spots at all other times would be a good compromise between the neighborhood and for bus riders. How do people even park at these spots during these times anyway on Fresh Pond. It's such a mess over there at that time.
  12. You weren’t kidding. I got off the QM2 at Park today and walked past the QM20 that has just dropped off its passengers at the stop and the bus was still packed. Usually the Whitestone buses are half empty by the Park Stop.
  13. Are the new Bronx Redesign routes going into effect in September?
  14. They'll probably save any real changes for the Queens Bus Redesign at this point.
  15. I agree completely. Buses crawl off peak on Northern Boulevard, stopping every 3 or 4 blocks because the lights aren't synced up. I took an early AM QM32 bus back to Whitestone once and it took over an hour to get to Cross Island/160th with absolutely no traffic on Northern because of the lights. And something needs to be done over in that Jackson Heights area, lately it's just been a complete crawl from 80th Street all the way to 108th Street at seemingly any hour of the PM rush. It seems that the lights aren't synced up as well over there, but what really kills the traffic are lots of double parked cars and trucks unloading. There also seems to be lack of enforcement in the no standing from 4 to 7pm in the parking lane. Ironically enough, this is all within an earshot of the police precinct on Northern. If they're adamant about keeping buses on Northern Boulevard, they should put a bus lane I think MTA should seriously consider sending buses via the BQE and Astoria Boulevard/GCP even during the PM rush. Have buses run down 2nd Avenue to the tunnel or put them back on the upper level of the bridge and take Van Dam street to the LIE/BQE. It doesn't save any time, and probably even adds some time if they send buses via Northern to 51st Street to 31st Ave to the BQE service road.

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