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  1. M-9 Discussion

    This summer will be a good time to fan around Yonkers, when the production M9s are tentatively planned to come through there. It's real easy to get photos from the north end of the Metro-North station.
  2. R188 Discussion Thread

    That is thanks to SAS; the requirement on the is slightly lower now. Also, there is still one R142A floating around IINM. I don't see how capacity is greatly affected. Instead of merging before/after 33 St, they do so around 74 St. Also, hopefully after this construction will CBTC be any closer to happening?
  3. R179 Discussion Thread

    3098-3101 was seen testing today in the Rockaways.
  4. Train traffic is one of those things that I believe more often than not, especially at rush hour. Between 5-7, it's not uncommon for and trains to fly past stationary and trains going south along CPW. Trains sit in the station way too long at 59 St, and those timers don't help either. And that's just one example. There are numerous examples where timers and interlockings can quickly create bottlenecks (not to mention interlocking on the B division is done the same way it was done in the 1930s!). Are they lying? Not always, but that doesn't vindicate them. Any delays related to infrastructure are their responsibility.
  5. R179 Discussion Thread

    For anyone who is interested in reading about the efWING: http://kawasakirailcar.com/EFWING
  6. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    The justification for starting earlier is that it takes about an hour just to bring everything in and start construction. But from the looks of it and some of the photos (including one that was shared recently on here, where a bunch of MTA workers were standing around when that tile board fell at an train station), I wouldn't be surprised if a future audit says there was little or no difference in starting work earlier. It's not just the amount of time the MTA has to do work (which is limited), but how they use it.
  7. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    It can also cause overcrowding especially on Friday nights, where many people are still trying to get home at 10. Thanks to that, what should've been a one-hour, one-seat commute home from the city a month ago for me was twice as long with transfers I shouldn't have had to make. What I'm curious about is if starting construction earlier actually makes a difference in the ability to get work done...
  8. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    This happened along the B36 a few years ago. I don't condone this, but I also don't blame him since I have to deal with the B36 on the daily...
  9. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    But then they wouldn't be true Cuomo trains because they wouldn't have physically removed any seats! At least it's only one or two benches that flip up instead of all 6. I also think the R211 is even better in that individual seats will be able to flip. I think there are LIRR codes on these trains too... in case these were to run on a railroad line in an emergency.
  10. R179 Discussion Thread

    Even then, couldn't you put CBTC equipment on the R179? Surely they are CBTC ready (unless the MTA just wants to get them in service without it, which is understandable). Although they should install it soon either way because the 5-car sets on the will get them at some point for 8 Ave CBTC.
  11. R179 Discussion Thread

    Yes, but under my idea, ENY would keep some non-CBTC R160A1s, and some R179s would go on the . There's no reason the and can't swap NTTs, especially once the Myrtle construction wraps up. Also, the R160A1s wouldn't be oddballs per se because Coney Island already has some R160A2s and a lot of R160Bs. The A1 and A2 classes are basically the same except for one extra B car.
  12. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Has the platform edge strip been replaced or does it look like it will be? At 145 St on the , they are replacing the platform edge strips and repaving the platform (albeit painfully slowly). If the trackbed looked any different, it could be that they vacuumed up there recently (I saw this at Broadway-Lafayette a few weeks ago) or a recent track replacement (if the parts are shiny).
  13. R179 Discussion Thread

    That would leave 16.5 8-car trains for the or whatever other line(s) are slated to get them. Speaking of which, if the is to become 480' (since 600' is not happening until the R211s come in), would it make more sense to give ENY all R179 4-car sets and bump out some non-CBTC R160s to the to maintain uniformity?
  14. R179 Discussion Thread

    Probably transferred to Pitkin from 207 St, since 3098-3099 should've been delivered yesterday, and 3100-3101 was delivered the day before. Since the will be gradually giving its R160A1 cars back to East New York, approximately how many sets of R179s should we expect at ENY once all is said and done?
  15. R179 Discussion Thread

    Weren't 3050-3057 and 3058-3065 also considered test trains after a contract modification?


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