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  1. Thanks for the info... guess I have to wait until general system pick.
  2. Thank you.....East NY, Grand Ave, and Jackie Gleason
  3. So we got to pick depots today... only 3 depots in Brooklyn where available. My question is, what can I do to get transferred to a depot that I want?? And how would I know that the depot that I want has openings?
  4. Thanks for the heads up. So do we spend most of the day driving? When do we get to pick depots?
  5. Thanks, I was told to report to Jamaica Depot.
  6. I was told to report to Jamaica Depot. I'm happy I got my license and endorsements before the training. So I dont have to go to the DMV for the road test.
  7. Does anyone know what happens on day 8?? I qualified on day 7
  8. Do we have to report parking tickets and/or Turning right on red ticket-(by street camera)? If none are pending.
  9. 7** medical today, considered for the April 29th class
  10. I was called today to go in tomorrow for medical. They said to bring a "postal money order". Would the MTA accept any else for payment for the fingerprint???? Credit card or just a regular money order???
  11. Besides proper ID, what else to we have to bring to the medical appointment???
  12. Only the people out of the list that pass all screenings and training....up to 200. When they fill the 200, we have to wait for the next time vacancies open up again.
  13. If I was to back out after medical would that disqualify me or can I reinstate myself to the list later on.
  14. Thanks for the info its greatly appreciated
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