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  1. I don't like this idea. Had this in Miami and I love to take a seat when there is one after a long day of school/work. Hate standing a lot on my way home...
  2. What the hell is this? Go home R143, you're drunk
  3. Hell, I might as well propose a resurrection of the B78 and the B40
  4. Man, I miss those redbirds trains. The AC on the cars may not always work but they ran like Usain Bolt on speed...
  5. Maybe this has never been brought up before but how about a B47 limited. It takes forever for those buses to get to Broadway from the mall. I can't fathom why they even merged the old B78 and the B40 in the first place...
  6. Thats hilarious. As if falling down the stairs isn't your own damn fault
  7. Time management is key, IMO. Always plan a trip well ahead of time. I learned the hard way unfortunately...
  8. Any new news on the T train? I love another route being ressurrected
  9. Yeah, this is awful news but she knows she can't do what she just did. The walking papers are rightfully given, IMO...
  10. I usually use the Q35 to Kings Plaza but yes there's too much people in there. They need some Artics BAAAAAAD!!
  11. I'm hoping for a B41 SBS but I guess I'll have to wait for that in 2020...
  12. I can't wait until these guys begin service. The test runs looks promising!!
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