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  1. Hello all. I just got the email, text and automated phone call about reporting when I receive the letter. I'm currently doing contract work in Nashville. I wanted to know if there was a way I can defer it until I get back in 2 months. Thanks and congrats to those who made it.
  2. You should be able to just go and try to reschedule any time of day. I went after I missed the date for my drug test 9 days later in the afternoon and the guy at the front desk told me to come back the next morning, he took the letter to someone in the back for about 20 minutes. I couldn't get out of work for my medical and emailed Ms. Robinson to reschedule, she didn't reply, hoping for the best. I have to go back there myself. My list number is in the 700's.
  3. I wanted to go to S.S. but I think Social Security only goes back 7 years. I had a couple of night jobs on the books in that time too. Thanks. Alot of advice and war stories told in that drug test waiting room from those veterans, much appreciated.
  4. I went down to 1 Centre street to reinstate my name but they said they hadn't heard back from 180 Livingston street about it even though it was a week after I was supposed to go for the drug test. I went from there to 180 Livingston st. The guy at the desk took my letter to the back for 15 minutes and told be to be there the next day no later than 7:30AM and don't wear jeans or sneakers, treat it like a job interview. I got there a 6AM and waited downstairs until 7:30AM to go up, filled out the forms and took the drug test. Thanks alot man!! I am worried about my employment history, I've been on the same job for 15 years but before that it gets fuzzy going back to High School. God Bless!!!
  5. My list number is in the 700's, I missed the first letter due to it being sent to an old address. I reinstated myself in September. I checked my P.O. Box twice a week. I just got the letter again. It was dated Oct 4th with the appointment on Oct 9th. I missed the appointment. Can I reinstate myself again? I hate that I ddin't have it sent to a relative's address so I could have known right away, two or three days notice is tough.
  6. What are the night shift hours for Maintenance and Capital?
  7. How long does it take to get to "top pay"? I heard working with the wet saw pays good money, is that in Maint or Cap or both? Thanks.
  8. How is the work different between Capital and Maintenance?
  9. Do you choose work locations? I keep seeing the Bronx, Brooklyn, Lex ave. Any in Queens??
  10. I was told that because I didn't reinstate myself until after 6/2/17. I'd have to wait for them to get a new list, sometime in October.
  11. My number is in the 700's, I went back to get re-instated on 7/25/17. How long would it take for them to get to me? Do they email as well as regular mail? What number should I call to check on things.Thanks you guys for your information.
  12. How long is that after the medical? How much??
  13. Thanks for the info. How often do they start a new class? And of course whats the starting pay and hours?
  14. I took the exam and passed in 2014. I received a letter stating that I am in the 700's on the list that expires in December 2018. When I called the DCAS number is says my name has been removed from the list and when I requested a fax to reinstate myself it never came. My question is, if I get reinstated, will I be at the back of the list or the front? Can anyone list the DCAS numbers to call? God Bless, get money!!!
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