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  1. The amount of work you put into it is really impressive!! However. Here are my 2 cents: The Q5 LTD is a waste because traffic along the Belt Parkway on a Normal day is low key heavy. While I understand that you’re trying to improve airport access to JFK for Brooklynites, such a route will be too long and congestion won’t help. The B14 has a lot of stops as is and extending it to downtown Brooklyn won’t help. From how I view it, extending this route to Downtown Brooklyn might increase the run time of this route to an unacceptable amount. Also, I’m not sure what’s up with extending it to Cross Bay, you could’ve just had the B12 operate from Rockaway Blvd via the Q7 Route, then run via Liberty to Broadway Junction. I like the B24 Split. The Kosciusko Bridge is normally Congested and I’ve thought of a similar idea of connecting Greenpoint with Woodside/Jackson Heights. The Q104 extension I HAVE to disagree with that because it’ll make the route unreliable considering the conditions on Kosciusko and additional turns just to get across Queens Blvd. IDK what’s up with the B62 going to DUMBO, can you explain that one? I know that the Q7, Q24, Q54, Q56, Q58 And Q59 aren’t Brooklyn Routes, but you couldn’t make any proposals for those routes?
  2. 1) The only reason I did that is because service under my proposal doesn’t run on weekends, and Inwood still needs some type of fast Service. You could deinterline Dekalb by having the via Brighton and via Sea Beach but I’m not going to propose that. 2) The is Local under my plan. It’s a Short Route in my Proposal. The only reason I have it going to Jamaica 179th instead of ending at Forest Hills is to kill 2 bottlenecks. trains will continue to end at Forest Hills under my plan but Terminal Op’s And Signals will be modified as to not hold trains outside in both directions. It’ll also allow for Express runs between Jamaica 179th and Forest Hills. 3) That’s Cool.
  3. I modified a proposal of mine from last year, back to Deinterlining. - Here are the Infrastructure Upgrades for the A Division under my Proposal - Abandoned Platform at Bowling Green is repurposed and extended along with the Track and connect with the Current S/B Lexington Express Track. - Rogers Junction is Modified. Stays the Same at 24TPH Gets a TPH boost to 18 TPH Trains run at 12 TPH to New Lots, And eventually down Utica Avenue. Runs to Utica/New Lots At 12 TPH. Trains run to Utica at 17 TPH. Terminal Op’s will be modified at Bowling Green so that Trains short turning there can turn around faster. remains the same but receives 24 TPH. Stays the same. should find a way to modify CBTC operations so that the can operate at 36TPH once again (like how it used to in the 1960’s) The 42nd Street Shuttle gets upgraded as planned. The B Division will receive a few Infrastructure Upgrades: - Essex Street Expansion (Which has been discussed in the past) - 50th Street Upper Level Platform Expansion with Interlocking’s north of the Station - Myrtle Junction Rebuild. - Ditmars Interlocking rebuild. - Williamsburg Bridge, 36th Street/Qns And DeKalb Junction Re-signaled to allow for more trains. 168-Lefferts and the Rockaway’s. 18TPH. Trains run local along CPW then Express South of 50th. Weekends, trains will run Express north of 50th and up to Inwood like they currently do. Inwood 207th St - Brighton Beach. Trains run at 15 TPH. With 3 Trips to and from Coney Island. No trains during the weekends and overnight. Bedford Park Blvd/145th Street - Euclid Avenue. Trains run Express between 50th Street and Jay Street. 10 TPH Stays as is. Stays as is but is reduced to 12 TPH. (See ) Boosted to 18 TPH. This would be done to allow for 5 Limited Runs Along the Culver Express in both directions. Stays as is but is extended to 8 Cars And is boosted to 15 TPH. Stays as is. If you resignal the Williamsburg Bridge and Fix the bottleneck at Myrtle Junction, you should be able to gain an extra 2-5 TPH. New Service between Jamaica 179th - WTC. With only trains terminating at Forest Hills, this should allow Space for at least 3-5 more trains along the QB Local. This service will replace the 3 runs to 179th and allow for trains to Run Express past Forest Hills. Receive’s CBTC upgrades so that the line can be boosted to 26 TPH. trains will be rerouted via 63rd Street, but will continue to make Local runs in Queens. Service will run at 12 TPH with 2 short turns at 2nd Avenue. As previously mentioned, Resignaling the Williamsburg Bridge, Rebuilding Myrtle Junction in addition to Fixing the Terminal Op’s At Forest Hills should allow you to Squeeze a few more trains in. 96th Street to Coney Island via Sea Beach at 12 TPH. Resignalling Dekalb Junction should allow you to squeeze in more trains. 96th Street to Coney Island via Brighton. 14 TPH. Astoria - 95th at a combined 24TPH. 8 TPH; all ’s Will Short turn at Whitehall Street. Other trains in addition to trains will continue to Bay Ridge. An alternative option would be to have the serve Astoria/Broadway Lcl at 24TPH while having a Brown Serve Bay Ridge-Essex at 12 TPH. Franklin Avenue Shuttle remains the same. Any feedback would be appreciated! https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1WG4X7N_dfOIpUn7miABpHP6ysOE3pw9S
  4. Send them Up 96 or via 6th Avenue
  5. shuttle at Queensboro Plaza to Ditmars Blvd. service Via the line to Lexington Avenue 63rd Street. Service is suspended Use and service as an alternative
  6. This is a good plan. But if I were you, I’d switch the and designations.
  7. If that’s the case, then truncate one of the routes in Lower Manhattan or Brooklyn for Late Nights. Have the (Or ) take over Astoria full time, and call it a day. The only way I’ll agree with having the stay at Astoria is if SAS Phase 3 gets built as planned, in which there will be no way to send trains up 96.
  8. I went out fanning on the 42nd Street huttle. I recorded that opening where you can see the and trains, which you can check you here:
  9. Other replies in bold. You do know that most trams run on Street Level. So building connections is kinda unnecessary given the walking distance between the tram and the subway. In response to CPW Deinterlining. I see 3 Alternatives to this problem 1) We make the and Express and the and Local. The only change that would need to happen to preserve Express service for both Branches is that and Service would swap. At that point, I’d just say to rearrange the Yard Placement’s for the and . (Maybe have the and share the same fleet. IDK) or just have yard transfer moves. 2) Same situation but in reverse. Express and Local. In this case, no yard moves would need to occur. But if you plan on having the and be full Local Routes. Then you’d need to swap the roles of the with the in order to not create any new bottlenecks. Problem is that the will become a Super Long Route. 3) Build 2 Switches (one N/B and one S/B) North of 50th Street Station and expand the 50th Street Platforms. To be Honest, I don’t see how installing these switches south of 50th Street is feasible at all, or maybe that’s just me. This can work for either scenario I listed above or even with our current Service patterns. But in my opinion, this alternative fits better with option 2 that I laid out above. Meaning the following service pattern would be this: 168th Street - The Rockaway’s. CPW Local; 8th Avenue Express; Fulton Street Express. Weekends and Overnights, trains are extended to 207th. 207th Street - Brighton Beach. Full Express from CPW to Brighton. Bedford Park Blvd/145th Street-Lefferts Blvd. CPW Local, 8th Avenue Express; Fulton Street Express. Does not run overnights. Same as is. via Fulton from Astoria tin Euclid.
  10. to Grand Central > to Roosevelt > to Union Tpke > Q10. A lot of work but test it out and see how it does for you. On a a side note. Why does the run Reverse Peak trains from Broadway Junction? Is it done to fill a gap in service?
  11. The problem with this is that there’s only a side street for the Q52 and Q53 Select Services to Short turn. Not to mention that (as an occasional rider of the Woodhaven Bus lines) most service north of Rockaway Blvd can be inconsistent.
  12. The apparently. I’d prefer that the be sent there via Fulton Express.
  13. This is not overkill. An from Astoria to Euclid only Requires a new tunnel between Whitehall and Court Street (NYTM). Doing this will increase capacity on the Fulton Street line by 50% and allow trains to run Express to Lefferts Blvd or the Rockaway's. While it’d be nice to have subways in outer Queens, I wouldn’t extend everything cause it’s overkill and some of these proposals are not feasible. Psersonally, I prefer these ideas: To Francis Lewis via Northern or a Branch to College Point. A new bus terminal will be built somewhere close to Francis Lewis (Which I’ll go more in depth later). to Springfield (Express between Forest Hills and 179. In order for this to work, either trains would need to be extended to 179, the Queens Bypass would need to be built, or Queens Blvd needs to be (mostly) De-Interlined. Maybe this can work with the arrangement with one of the locals going to 179. And just like the extension. A bus terminal would need to be built around Hillside and SpringField/Braddock since the current set up for the Street won’t allow for it. Doing this would allow for a variety of Route Changes to Buses along Hillside and Adjacent Streets. LaGuardia Link Train (Or when Broadway is De-Interlined. Nuff said. to Laurelton because there is Space for a New Yard along the LIRR Atlantic/Rockaway Branch. Or to Cambria Heights via Merrick Blvd and Linden Blvd. I prefer the First Option TBH. One Stop Extension to Merrick/168. If possible, you could extend THAT to Cambria Heights instead of the . It could Stop Short of Merrick, then Turn Down 168, then Head via Merrick and Linden Blvd’s. With only Extending the Current Subways in Queens, you can achieve the following benefits: • Making a Better Bus Network for Queens • Promote Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) • Better Subway Access throughout Queens.
  14. There were GT’s at my home stop this entire time!?!?! If so, which direction and what’s this “Bus Wi-Fi” that you speak of?
  15. That’s good. I read some of these improvements a few days ago. It’s good that they’re looking to Improve Myrtle, Sutphin/Archer and Main Street. Those Stations do get crowded at times and with the current layout, it doesn’t really help that much.
  16. TBH. Just by looking at these pictures, it’d be cool if the subway had more natural light coming down to the platform.
  17. in the middle of AM Rush when there are no delays.
  18. I mean, you could do All Express in one Direction like how they’re doing work for Queens Blvd CBTC. Or you can try putting a BRT on Lexington which would be a Really tough sell.
  19. The correct term is operator. I don’t drive my trains down the road now, do I? Second, it was a 46
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