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  1. I get that we all need to practice forum etiquette, but can we get back on topic? I hope the 211 will allow the feature to make manual announcements. They’re usually better to hear in my opinion. Also, I assume that, by the time they reach completion, assignments would look like this: - Shared Fleet - Shared Fleet (with occasional pop ups on the and )
  2. This article has addressed some serious points that have been plaguing for sure. Despite the fact that Cuomo has pushed for the Second Avenue Subway to open on time, along with getting the city back up and running again, I don’t really trust his leadership that much. He’s done a lot more harm for the than good. For example, we’re stuck with this shitshow of an train plan that will inevitably fail. Therefore, I think it’s a wise decision to “depoliticize” the and remove direct affiliation of Cuomo from any involvement with the in general. As for management themselves. Misinformation and Miscommunication (from within the Board and the Riding Public) from what I can tell, seems to be one of the lead causes of mismanagement. It’s no wonder why we have all of these other problems such as farebeating, delays, etc.. There’s really not much else to say other than that. I don’t even want to talk about inflated Construction Costs and G.O.’s.
  3. I’m intrigued by how much potential subway expansion has in coralation with Redesigning the Queens Bus Network. I’m currently working on a project to redesign the Queens Bus Netwrok without Subway expansions but I’ll definitely work on a Fantasy Map soon with the Subway, Rail Service, and the Queens Bus Network All being redesigned all at once.
  4. Congratulations @Via Garibaldi 8!! Keep up the good work.
  5. Lucky charms Honey Nut Cheerios cinamon toast crunch
  6. The B39 as a bus route has more potential. I personally agree with all route extensions proposed here, but since we’re dealing with the train “fiasco” right now, it’d be wise to extended it to Grand Street High School Or Montrose Avenue on its Brooklyn End To help deter crowds from Loimer and Bedford. And on its Manhattan end, I agree with any proposal that involves the B39 joining the M14A/D+ on the 14th Street “Busway”, also with the intention of alleviating crowds. Articulated Buses would necessary for the B39 under this scenario to help displaced riders get between Manhattan and Brooklyn. Coming to think of it, why didn’t consider this option, and will anyone bring it up in the next board meeting?
  7. Yeah, I used to pass by there all the time. So I’m aware of the congestion that happens there daily, Even before the 53 became SBS, Broadway was like that. I felt like experimenting with a new Idea though by using elements of some used ideas (the Broadway Crosstown idea). The delays at Elmhurst part, I agree with you. I personally believe that the Q59 should go to Rego Park (maybe this is a bias I have cause I live in Rego Park) but Queens Center works as a Terminal, given if Q59 buses were rerouted on the Main Road on Queens Blvd. As for the Delays and the Bus Bunching on Grand Avenue And Broadway, then the only solutions I see to that are Better Dispatching, TSP along Grand Avenue and Broadway (Which I think is already in Place, I don’t know), and Bus Zones Which would be implemented on the Bus Stop where ever Bus Lanes aren’t Feasible.
  8. New Proposal. In earlier pages, we all discussed that Broadway could use a crosstown route. So I decided to reroute the Q59, along with making some changes to it in Brooklyn. *Buses will now start by WilliamsBurg Bridge Plaza and go up via the Q54 route before returning to its normal route at Union Avenue. * Once the buses reach Queens Blvd, ALL Q59 buses will continue up Broadway until reaching Vernon Blvd. Beyond this point, buses will Terminate at Astoria, 2nd Street. Riders wishing to continue to Rego Park will have to transfer to the Q60 or the .
  9. I'm a little Confused. So what you're saying is that Buses should go via Broadway and 61st. Then they get to 74th Street up Roosevelt or some other street. Then LGA bound buses do WHAT!?!
  10. Funny you mention Social Media. I'm thinking of giving up on it entirely. (Despite making a photography account on Instagram)
  11. There was a myMTA Thread on here, but I think you’re going to have to do some digging to find it.
  12. Things that annoy me. • The Level of stupidity of people in general • People trying to get into my business or try to speak for me when I didn’t ask for it. • The Suburbs And sprawled Suburbs (I personally don’t understand how one can put up with driving everywhere when it’s be much easier/more convenient to walk everywhere. Yet despite this, I lived in New Jersey for 5 years) • Homeless Or Beggears. Being a regular rider, I can’t trust anyone cause I don’t know who’s just begging for money and who’s truly homeless. • People complaining about Public Transit. Complaining doesn’t solve shit. • People who think Public Transit is beneath them. • YouTubers and people who share their personal lives through YouTube. (Not counting animations) • People who don’t think or act rationally on a Regular Basis. • CNN. Nothing more to say. • Democrats. Specifically ones who complain about Trump and aren’t doing things to contribute to help the Town/City/State that they were elected for. (Cuomo and DeBlasio)
  13. They could, but the process for each line can take years and this can pose as a disservice to certain communities who only have access to the elevated line that would be theoretically be replaced. Think of the or the for example. While it’d be nice to upgrade the EL structures along each route, we can’t because of the huge inconvenience that it’ll cause riders in the short term. Also, not to confuse you, I’m all for short term inconveniences under the promise that we receive long term benefits. However, the can use this modern style of EL’s to build new lines or extensions such as the to LaGuardia.
  14. None of us forgot. But who says we can’t speculate on any possible changes to the plan?
  15. That was back then. If the LaGuardia Extension was proposed again, the reactions from the Astoria Community would be different. Of course there would still be opposition from the community, but I don’t think it’ll be as fierce like back then. That’s because whenever people in New York hear the word Elevated (in terms of the NYC Subway), they think of the old style EL’s that we currently have in Place. However, we’re long past those days and are this capable of building modern EL’s. Either way, it’ll still be better than Cuomo’s AirTrain. Anyways, back to the topic at hand. After the public meeting that had about making more Subway Stations ADA accessible, did they ever make a final choice on which are he next Stations to receive ADA accessibility? (I personally hope they add Woodhaven Blvd , Rockaway Blvd , And Crescent Street onto their list)
  16. If anything. Sutphin/Archer and Parsons/Archer need Redesigning. I go to Sutphin on a Regular Basis, and let me tell you that the station looks run down. Not as bad as other stations along the subway, but still bad regardless. Parsons/Archer is worse in terms of maintenance, but the dark atmosphere of the station makes it unique in a way that I can’t describe. I’ll propose something later in the Proposals thread related to Sutphin and Parsons Archer.
  17. 1. My Q61’s southern terminal doesn’t have to be Forest Park Specially. I just chose Forest Park cause I didn’t know where to locate it’s south terminal and that’s where the Q23 terminates. I could’ve routed my Q61 to terminate at Atlas Park, but that’s not a good place to terminate it since not much demand is coming from there. 2. The Short turns and the Q79 ending at Bellrose was a Reference to @Union Tpke‘s Better Access to Train Stations Plan which featured what seemed to be a bus route from Bellrose to Glen Oaks. I saw this as an opportunity for a revival of the Q79. However, I kept the main route at Little Neck Parkway. As for Short Turns, that is my version of the Q79 taking over the Part Time Spur to Glen Oaks Oval currently used by the Q46. If that doesn’t work out, the I could omit that from my proposal. 3. The fact that the Q35 serves more of Brooklyn than Queens is why I’d change its nomenclature to match that of the Brooklyn Division. (Renaming it “B53” in the process.) Other than that, I don’t plan on Altering the Q35 route whatsoever. 4. As of 2017, the Q42 has a total ridership of 1,184 riders while the Q41 had a total ridership of 7,061. So In order to boost ridership, I thought of combining the 2 routes. And to be honest, I could care less if the route numbers happen to be consecutive. 5. I was aware of the potential ridership drop if the Q33 and Q29 were combined. But in my opinion, that seems like an open opportunity to make improvements on the Q32, Q47, and Q49 routes if that’s the case.
  18. I have a few new route ideas. A New Route - the Q61, will run from Forest Park to Flushing via Yellowstone Blvd, 108th Street, and College Point Blvd. The Q61 will continue up Roosevelt Avenue and turn onto Union Street before taking over the Q34 route before terminating at Willets Point A revival of the Q79 that'll run from Bellrose LIRR via Little Neck Parkway to Little Neck. The route will turn on Union Turnpike to serve Glen Oaks Oval before continuing up Little Neck Parkway. Some Buses will short turn at Glen Oaks Oval. The Q35 shall no longer be a part of the Queens Bus Network and instead be renamed B53. The Q41 and Q42 shall be consolidated into one route. Q29 and Q33 are consolidated into one Route. Where 82nd Street, Jackson Heights is on the . This would be done at an attempt to decongest Roosevelt Avenue.
  19. You could but if you have both the and at Astoria, you can switch the signage between the two, thus migitating the not-so big of a deal Yard Issue. That way, you can boost frequencies on every Broadway Route and you get rid of all merges that cause conflict between each line. Deinterlining Broadway at the end of the day is still a win-win.
  20. Those tunnel stubs were actually meant to send the Broadway Line up the Upper West Side. This would’ve been done to compete with the IND CPW Line and IRT’s Broadway Line
  21. I don’t know why but Penelope Avenue was the first Street that came into mind when I read this. Would that, along with 64th Road be feasible for one way streets or would that be a waste of money?

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