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  1. Speaking of "this fall", it should be either late August or September(especially when MJQ gets their XE60s to give back FB's XD60s). The B46 +SBS stops seemed to finish their rebuilts within 97% along the Utica to Malcolm X Blvd corridor. And we had #6103 tested along the B46 +SBS(depicted by Metro Railfan on YT), the day after B82 +SBS had #6138 clearance tested along that route. And speaking of "XE60", there was a NFI worker(Matt N) who commented on my XE60 demo vid saying that they are currently finishing up the process of building the XE60 lead unit for us in NYC.
  2. It is bad for any bus. I mean, the value of those gets ruined. It also increases intense cleaning out of a depot, plus the signs around the floors like "Watch Your Step" gets peeled or scrap faded. Even the electricity will get cut leading to break downs as by the lights on the floors like in the Xcelsiors that have lights either behind the seats even the driver seats(facing wheel wells) gets effected too.
  3. I was trying to make sure you're not wrong, not embarrass you
  4. I knew that before. But do you know what "AEB" stands for ?
  5. I am in Montrèal right now. But I will have to call my uncle, because I just got connected with ENY Depot 2 months ago
  6. Speaking of "charging ports", Quill was supposed to be getting 15 AEB ports this month, and it's the ending of July. Are there no ports yet ?
  7. There other ways, maybe we time traveled🤣🤣🤣
  8. See why I had you signed up for it !
  9. Now this is a latest review of the first Novabus RTS' that was intoduced in 1995 serving us New Yorkers for 23 years. They were the RTS' that are memorable for the symbolisms of exotic power of hauling, air starters, and their revives to maintenance mishaps. This review is also created for a Youtuber's birthday today.... Recommending Sonic57053....
  10. Those should be going to both, they have 2004-05 Gen 2 OGs to retire by the end of 2020(Am I right ?). This is probably how #6507 was just exported to ECH out of ENY today.
  11. This review is not mine, but by a YTer 'Sonic57053'. This gentlemen here made a 18 min review to outdate a previous review of these buses with plus specific urushed infos for anyone who gets stuck on viewing these(as a 2nd review of these RTS' since 2015 by Kal-El)....
  12. Hello Forum users, so one of my YT fanners chatted with me on Discord showing me this pic of a FB XD60 on Flatlands/E 105th St. being parked after pulling away from Pennsylvania Ave. I nearly thought it was a classic XD60 before he mentioned the series of the XD60 and the picture of it. We were asumming it was #6138 being tested on the B82 +SBS. I don't think it's true, and ENY Depot has not finished their modifications yet until next year. Or that can be a school tripper, on FB's ENY routes that is not artic ready. Is it mysterious or is it happening subtlly ? *Not My Picture*
  13. This is my 2nd Orion VII OG review I made(after my original and remake of the Orion VII CNG review). These buses were delivered at the same in NYC, with the CNG versions of those came in at the same time. These HEVs are way better than those boisterous Orion VII CNGs with so much distruption to NYC communities. They are also the last buses in NYC history to have the flip-dot signage.... https://youtu.be/CDx0bZIC2Qw
  14. Anyone, what fleet range numbers of the Orion VII OG HEV(2002-04) had the LEDs and Flipdots until recent reitirement ?
  15. I am excited for that too, but I am patient to see the trends and it will be my first time riding the classic XD60s. But besides like what I said to @MTAbus677, if you think about the B35 that has Church Ave as a narrow corridor, you saw them since last summer with XN60s and they handled it pretty well with no accidents. That's the same that goes with the B38 artics through Fulton Mall in the future. Plus, with B15 and B82+ after ENY Depot's modifications complete. Both those routes gets narrow roads too. Even the B82+ with my concerns of going through corner on Glenwood/Rockaway Parkway on the Bensonhurst side with and messed/scattered traffic rates, along with a small secs of traffic light running. This is what made me think for that stop towards that destination to be on the Flatlands area(& Rockaway Parkway).
  16. Think about the B35, that route is along Church Ave which is a narrower corridor. I was concerned about that since early 2018 before the XN60s came for JGD. But until last summer, the XN60s and they handled it very well without a bump, a shove , and a broken mirror. I share that same thought and trend in my reviews of the XN60s and Jackie Gleason Depot, in my YT channel this year. So, that should go for the same trend to B38 going to Fulton Mall. Especially, for the B15 and B82 after ENY gets their modifications done.
  17. What I am also sad and pissed off of is that with paused plan of artics of B15 and B82 +SBS, I am unsure what Caitsith810 heard that causes it to be on hold. My thoughts with the B15 is that some stops of it should be shifted on elsewhere spots of Crown Heights b/c, near my high school there is alot of narrow roads and tight corners that bus cannot handle. So this is maybe why the artics for the B15 is on hold. Same with the B82 +SBS, it has some tight corners to handle. Even in Canarsie pulling away from the L train terminal(Rockaway Parkway/Glenwood), it was always congested like the Eastern Parkway and Utica Ave for both the B46/+SBS and the B17. So what I am thinking is that for the B82's Spring Creek destination side of the +SBS, it should remain. While the Bensonhurst side should have the +SBS stop shifted to the Flatlands area to get away from the congested area of Rockaway and Glenwood. Back to the B15, what I think was for the JFK destination side to have turn left on Atlantic Ave(have bus stops to plant as their new corridor), and turn right on Rochester Ave (sorry for the Crown Height residents of losing your bus stops) as to going back to their normal runs to either Spring Creek or JFK.
  18. Look here, I know those D60HFs are the best kings of MaBSTOA, but that's not the point. Remember the RTS outcry ? I do not want to hear another one for other models that are retiring. We have new buses, it's not going to be like the Orion Vs they don't expect to repetitively bring back(said by a transit youtuber). Those residents you do not know may or may not care about MTA(even fanners of transit), still protest to cause a bus shortage. Even "reactivating D60HFs" for artic conversion? It may be a smart idea, but that causes overpopulation. Also, where are we going to put the new buses ? Imagine🧐 !

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