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  1. Look here, I know those D60HFs are the best kings of MaBSTOA, but that's not the point. Remember the RTS outcry ? I do not want to hear another one for other models that are retiring. We have new buses, it's not going to be like the Orion Vs they don't expect to repetitively bring back(said by a transit youtuber). Those residents you do not know may or may not care about MTA(even fanners of transit), still protest to cause a bus shortage. Even "reactivating D60HFs" for artic conversion? It may be a smart idea, but that causes overpopulation. Also, where are we going to put the new buses ? Imagine🧐 !
  2. This is what I am saying, the city does not order buses for only amusements. This what I tell others in person(especially on Discord), "Either take this bus or go home, no pay".
  3. Yes, the BAE Prop systems does win over Allison for a best hybrid match. The lazer SFX of the acceleration and the peacefulness makes it one of the top 3 best Xcelsiors.
  4. The "lack of amusement" I mean't was that they observe theses buses to be boring and quiet. I don't mind the take off rate. There is another youtuber for this explanation....
  5. TBH, I am mostly an Xcelsior fan. My Xcelsior ranks.... 1. NFI XE60s and XDE60s(wish to come to MTA) 2. NFI XN60s 3. 2018-2019 NFI XD60s 4. 2017 -19 NFI XD40s 5. 2017 NFI XD60s 6. 2017 NFI XN40s 7. 2015 - 16 NFI XD60s 8. 2014 - 2015 XD40s 9. 2012-13 NFI XD60s 10. 2011- 12 NFI XD40s Though the XDE60s may have the auto engine pause feature for less emission and less annoyance of idling vibration, it can tie with my excellent taste to win with the XDE40s as their co - workers. Plus XE60s are winners over the XDEs with strictly electric source and no maintenaince recommendations, but they are still here for inspections. The XN60s are toughest and powerful ones, especially with a heavy duty backfire I adore. The recent XD60s have my great taste with the 2018-19 XD40s by the all time inside and outside announcements and the best, Cummins L9(like the XN60s, but has the Near Zero rate as much better than the regular Cummins L9). Back in 2017, the XN40s didn't have the XN60s yet so I had the XD60s win over them along with the 2015-17 XD60s. But the XN40s are tough and quiet like their recent rulers(XN60s). The 2014-15 XD40s were my first favorites due to their destination signs, the sweet air conditions, and the engine was quiet as I expected. Plus their rear doors are in full panes that best matches their designs. I still like the 2012-13 XD60s, but I never rode them and I am waiting for them to run out of Grand Ave and East New York. I like the 2011-12(4800s) XD40s, but are my least favorites because of the loudest engine it has and the rear doors are less appealing for it's body design(but has a smart reminder of the older buses that are likeable for every one). In my YT channel, the explanations will be shown my bus reviews(like this) and followed by other Xcelsior reviews in this channel...
  6. I don't even know about B35's reactions. But for now, back to the reapaints.
  7. Oh gosh !!!! I'm dying, my eyes about to pop, and my legs are shaking😨
  8. Now this is my remake of my 7000s XD40 review from August 2018. This is a review of my favorite XD40s since 2018. They seem to be very appreciative than the 2011 XD40s I looked up to more since 2013. My experiences with them out of ENY, Fresh Pond, Flatbush, and Ulmer Park Depot are the most satisfying rides I have encountered. Correlating with speed, quietness, and the advanced features plus with the cleanliness.....
  9. I'll have him sign into this site. Give him advices on how to use this wisely, so that he may not get the same feeling. Plus, he's only 15.
  10. Look here, he's the new transit fan(Sonic5703). I also do make mistakes on making reviews too, I won't give up on that. This is his first time making coach bus reviews. I also had a conversation with him on Discord, and I showed him the feedbacks from Caitsith. This is why we will always make a remake on our reviews. Also for you @Cait Sithshould've told him to ask you for pics and vids before that would maybe insult you. Plus, I don't know much about coaches and I hadn't realize the transfers and deliveries of these X3-45s.
  11. This is the first coach bus review on YT. This review is not made by me, it is made by Brian with his YT channel of "Sonic5703". So be sure to subscribe to him as he is able to increase is effort joining into transit reviewer squad with me and other Youtubers like "MTA Bus Faner".
  12. I haven't heard that, do that means they should rip out the parking between Chauncey and Fulton. And I knew that they should re-modify the 2 stops on Fulton St(hope it goes under construction now). Because in my observation, the congestion is worse on that corridor between Fulton and Atlantic on the curve. Plus, I was thinking the Vision Zero team adds more traffic secs for Utica Ave and Atlantic Ave.
  13. This is what made me think that the B15 cannot be +SBS a year ago. But the B46 +SBS is privileged, and has no room for the bus lanes going from St. Johns Pl towards Fulton and passed it via Utica Ave(also the opposite run). And yes for the one who said that the Q10 works for +SBS. Wait Lefferts ??? I know the B15 don't run on Lefferts Ave, unless you mean something else.
  14. Yes, I knew it. The SI background has no sunlight and the XD60 has the lit up face.
  15. Please, tell me this is a code break. Is this really SI in the background or Queens ????
  16. Though I am not a SI resident, but my concern with Castleton is really the roads for them as an excuse which had me thinking earlier of why I didn't want them to get the new LFS. But now, I feel like we could trust them. *This explains(shift to 4:28)
  17. This is my first review of a 6v92 powered bus. These RTS are my second fav and the most popular in the '90s. The 6v92 engine is nest for these RTS' in that generation. The Series 50 is best for the RTS', but may have ruined the RTS' value and they still go fast. Plus, they were also the first RTS' to involve with MTA Bus Company.
  18. This should not be the cause. I will be out of NYC when this happens. I tell others that, and they believe that it will help speed up service. It is not like I am adding negativity to the MTA.
  19. Gotcha ! I always keep a positive attitude for others.

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