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  1. I have the cdl b permit and i did not take a medical test. I have an A3 - B - M - P RESTRICTIONS ON MY PERMIT. I am assuming when i go to the MTA the A3 AND P restrictions will be removed. EI EXCEPT INTERSTATE <--- thats what i chose on my dmv application.
  2. My list number is higher than yours and I got the letter to Come Jan 31 2020 (Seems so long ago) for employment processing but my DL was only 2 years
  3. Yeah me too got and email and a call. 5xxx
  4. Oh no I didnt know that. Yeah I studied from that website because of your past posts.
  5. Did you get your CDL recently as in during COVD-19 🤔. I just got my permit and it is expiring in August. I want to get my CDL before they call me. I really dont want to have to study for the General and Air brakes and Passenger again.
  6. year and half. I am in the midst of studying to get the CDL permit and maybe get the CDL I went today for Pre-employment did all the paperwork (it was mailed to me). The guy told me to call back when my license is almost three years old. I finally passed my CDL permit after taking it 11 times. so now to get the CDL.
  7. year and half. I am in the midst of studying to get the CDL permit and maybe get the CDL
  8. Bittersweet. I got my pre employment letter yesterday 1/31. For 7300, list number is 3***.** I did the test April got my results in June 2018. But License isnt 3 years. I wasnt expecting it so fast.
  9. So i guess I will sit the test out for tomorrow
  10. My email and phone call said i do not need o do anything because i already taken the BOSS with a civil service part. So i dont need to come in ffor the test.
  11. For me I guess ask a supervisor since they have a telephone in the bus. Plus do you have time to read a book on the road. Thats the answer i always choose
  12. Good morning. I got an email saying they moved my score to 9309 so I wont be doing that exam. I have done a few exams and I don't know which one they moved my score from 🤔
  13. Either IE OR FIREFOX WILL ASK ABOUT COOKIES AND THIRD PARTY, IF IT DOES THAT CLOSE THE BROWSER AND OPEN IT AGAIN. To apply and pay for exams you should have an account with mta career == ==> https://hcm.mymta.info/psc/HCPRD/SELFSERVICE/HXMS/c/HRS_HRAM.HRS_APP_SCHJOB.GBL?Page=HRS_APP_SCHJOB&Action=U&TargetFrameName=None <==== however, if you click on the link and it sends you to the page where actual MTA EMPLOYEES USE TO SIGN IN AND APPLY FOR EXAMS ===== CLOSE IT AND OPEN IT AGAIN. Its not you it's the MTA website. I have a PC and the link regularly does that. If you have a Mac or iPhone it is not that cumbersome. Oh also when you create an account if you haven't already please remember your password and username, sometimes the site wont remember it and it will give you and error. If it does that close browser, open it again or hit refresh or just USE FIREFOX, A MAC OR IPHONE. They don't allow you to print the application anymore, now you have to go to 180 Livingston for the paper exams. I have never pay for these exams so that's what I have to do. TO SIGN IN AND PAY FOR EXAMS (0100) https://hcm.mymta.info/psc/HCPRD/SELFSERVICE/HXMS/c/B_CUSTOM_MENU.HRS_APP_SCHJOB.GBL?FOCUS=Applicant&FolderPath=PORTAL_ROOT_OBJECT.B_HRS_CE_EXAMS&IsFolder=false&IgnoreParamTempl=FolderPath%2cIsFolder&&
  14. no there is no study guide. just use common sense.
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