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  1. I got my mine I'm in the 2***. How come i can never get a list number in the 0-999 range. 🤔
  2. Me too but it is the PM session
  3. Oh ok. The reason I asked is because I am coming from Brooklyn. The last open house i went to i paid twice and someone on here say i overpay and I definitely dont want to do that again. That was my first time ever in Long Island and on A LIRR. At least the area is familiar to me now. Same stop different building.
  4. Can I do this since it will be in Babylon?
  5. oh ok I misinterpreted. You onto the next step. Congrats.
  6. oh I don't think a special entrance but once you arrive you will see everybody heading to the same direction plus the HR people will direct once in the building. I guess you could google the location before so you can familiarize. It seems the open house for both the LOCO and AC at the one I am going to is in Babylon.
  7. Both of them. Last year and this year. They sent out the invite quicker this year. This would be my second time going for the AC position though. First time getting an invite for the Locomotive Engineer.
  8. Got invited to open house on the 16th. Oh it said Monday May 16th at 8am, there's no such date in May. The Locomotive Open House is on May 6th at 8:15 *scratches head*
  9. So I got invited for the Open House for May 6 2019 at 8:15 am. *steeple fingers *
  10. Hey,☺️ I am not trying to argue or derail this post. "That one about socio-economic I'll assume is joking. NYCT has many problems but one thing that is fact and impressive is that it has some really low requirements to gain jobs that pay anywhere from the low 20 to 30 per hour." I am not joking, I don't know how far along in life you are and I'm not discrediting you either but ummm shit aint really sweet. Companies requiring DL and Credit Scores is a cute way to keep certain demographic of people out and just makes the application process that more difficult. Having those things doesn't really prove how effective you will be at a job. $10 for a NYS ID. $77 for a permit, up to $300 for a driving package to maybe pass or fail a road test and to maybe get on a list for an exam for a job you may, or may not get. That's that on that.😚
  11. I hate that we have normalize the hoops we have to go through just to get a job, especially one where there is security and stability. Requiring a driver's license/permit is a scam🤣 lol when it comes to driving or moving a train. If they want a license/permit they should require one specific for trains like a CDL for bus. Cause requiring a driver's license/permit for trains doesn't prove anything. Ill report back if/when this appeal goes through.
  12. Requiring a driver's license for this is basically weeding out lower socio economic people from entering this specific job/enabling people to have better quality lives. So you get the driver's license and then what? 🤔Like another poster stated if they start requiring CDLs. That's $700-$1000 per package depending on the school and also the probability of passing the road test. I don't know.😪
  13. I don't know as yet. I am currently organizing my documents to send to 1 centre street (again). I know I passed the exam.
  14. they required a permit not a license but in the response letter from my first appeal they claim I didn't have either. *shrugs*
  15. I applied last year Feb. Got an email in August to attend an open house in Sept. I did the cognitive test and failed. They start weeding out people from the Open House. Just upload your resume and answer the questions and submit your application.

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